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In September 2014, I tried logging into the portal to check our monthly statement, but the login credentials didn't work. I thought I had forgotten them. A couple of days later, I tried again, but was still denied access. So I changed the password and logged in. There was a message that our contact info had been updated, but it wouldn't display the updated info for 3 days. (what?! a website can't display info for 3 days. red flag #1). Then it appeared that "we" had made a huge payment, like $1800 and paid an additional $9.99 to expedite the credit to our credit line. My heart leapt in my throat. We didn't have $1800 to pay that card. How could I have made such a mistake? Then I was immediately kicked out of the site. I tried logging in again, but was denied. I had to change the password again. (red flag #2). I logged into our bank statement and realized that I had NOT made a payment mistake. There were not debits from our bank account. Not only that, but in the time I was kicked out of the site, 2 charges from had been charged to the account...conveniently for the total credit balance available. We immediately called Credit One to close the account. They sent us a fraud report, which we signed and returned. A few days later, a letter showed up saying our new card was being mailed to our new address... in Rochester, NY. We don't live in anywhere near there. We called again to cancel the card. They still shipped us a card to our correct address, even though we had canceled the account. We monitored monthly statements that showed a credit of $300 because they chalked up the charges as fraud. However, today we received a statement with a balance due of $1800 and a payment due of $92 guessed it 2 new charges to for $2000. We called again tonight and were told the card was never canceled. We're convinced Credit One Bank and are running a scam and/or it's an "inside job." What do we do?!

Jan 23, 2015
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  • Tr
      Apr 03, 2008
    Credit One Bank - Fees
    Credit One
    New York
    United States

    This is the worst credit card i've had in my life. I've made all but 2 payments ontime and now im 175 over my limit. Last month for no reason they sent me back my payment and charged me $30 for what they did. I have like 3 $30 late fees and over the limit fees because of the returned payment they did. When this is all payed off my account is definitely being cancelled.

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  • Gc
      Jun 13, 2008

    check first with your bank why your payments was returned, there is a posibility that you have n insufficient funds on theat account so most likely you will be really charged a returned payment fee, its not only with creditone. its also the practice for other banks.

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  • Ja
      Nov 06, 2008

    Is anyone in the habit of making payments online? I'd like to here from you. There may be a problem with the way this institution is crediting such payments. And, the problem may be making it virtually impossible for unsuspecting consumers to pay their cards off.

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  • He
      Jun 25, 2009
    Credit One Bank - harrassmenr
    credit one bank
    New York
    United States

    When late on a payment, they call you about 10-20 times a day. I checked caller id when getting home. We spoke with an agent made arrangements and they are still calling 10-20 times a day, stating that they never talked to us. According to my state laws, they are only supposed to call twice in a seven day period.

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  • Ki
      Dec 30, 2009

    This Bank first of all the worse bank out of the country. They have poor services. They tried all their ways to contact the person that they needed to talk to. For example, they called my house phone just to look for this certain person. When I told them he's not home, they called my cellphone couple times a day. I have nothing to do with Credit One. But how [censored] they got my phone number down? I tried calling their phone numbers listed on their website, but it was no use. I felt like there is some sort of a scam that will do anything to put their hands on our money. This company is sketchy and are not telling their "customers" that there will be a never ending fees that you will have to pay till the day you die.

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  • Ks
      Apr 21, 2011
    Credit One Bank - charges
    United States

    I have not ever had to my knowledge anything associated with credit one bank so why is it showing up on my credit report acct# B54MR013 owing $735.00??????

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  •   Feb 02, 2015

    Hello angry2015,
    Thank you for letting us know of this fraudulent activity attempt, and we apologized that this had occurred. We also recommend filing a fraudulent transaction report with your card provider, and contacting your local authorities.

    As there is limited information we can provide via e-mail in regard to suspicious account activity, please contact us at 800.390.1119 so that a member of our Customer Service team can look into this further for you and address any concerns you may have.

    Newegg Support - William

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  • Ca
      Mar 01, 2015
    Credit One Bank - past due before activating
    credit one bank
    las vagas
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    This company has charges on a credit card before I activated it. I found out when I went to use and I was declined for being past due. It had only been 15 min since I activated the card.

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  • Ri
      Feb 04, 2017

    Horrible. I cannot log into the site to pay my monthly payment. I did get a call and I told the Indian caller that I was trying to log on to pay my payment. They in the mean time have sent me a different credit card?? Hmmmmm...Also got to almost pay on account then they said it was a wrong number on cc for payment on. I am at a loss...

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