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*please read before purchasing a cat from cozy cats ny*

I received my kitten on jan 20, 2017

Hasiya kerim / hasiya kerimova / hasiya badalov (Breeder)

• imports cats from russia / ukraine (I found her photographer who confirmed he lives in kiev, ukraine and has not traveled to the us)

• sent me a cat who was too young (6 weeks old) *medical record from my veterinarian confirming age attached*

• sent me an underage cat on an airplane (They must be 8 weeks old)

• used fake documentation from russia to fool the airlines into thinking the cat was 4 months old and full vaccinated *documents attached*

• sent me a kitten who is sick (Upper respiratory infection)

• sent me fake pictures and videos of my kitten (She has now taken down the post with the kitten she told me she sold but I took screenshots of everything *picture comparison attached (Her picture on the left, the kitten I received on the right)

•told me that the cat was fully vaccinated but sent me fake paperwork (On a canine form) *picture attached*

•refused to provide me with her veterinarians information to verify said vaccinations (Because she clearly did not go to a vet due to fake documentation)

Hasiya is a liar, scammer, and is most likely running a kitten mill in russia or ukraine.

Do not purchase a kitten from her and do your research on breeders!!! Ask questions and if they avoid them, cannot answer, or make excuse after excuse, do not risk it. She does not care for these animals, she only cares for the money and will do anything to keep producing kittens no matter the health risk of the kittens.

If you too have had a horrible and illegal experience with hasiya & cozy cats ny, please reach out to me to add to the complaint so she stops with her illegal and inhumane business.


Other complaint from another unhappy customer can be found here:

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Cozy Cats NY
Cozy Cats NY
Cozy Cats NY
Cozy Cats NY
Cozy Cats NY
Cozy Cats NY

Feb 3, 2017

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