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Cox Cable And Direc TV / who watching these gangters!

1 CA, United States

Cox Cable Company is ripping me off. They lie steal and cheat from a lot of consumers. Don't take my word for it look up Cox Cable on
They’re stealing from me and lying to me. The problem in today’s time you’re dependent on them or satellite to get any T.V. reception.
Direct T.V. witch is satellite charged my credit card and service when I couldn't even get service because of the location I'm at. I didn't realize they where charging me until I open my credit card statement. I couldn't understand how they can charge someone for something they’re not getting.

Cox cable lied to me about my plain and cost and when I called they gave me a parcel credit. When I asked to speak to a supervisor she told me he said, “he’d remove what credit she gave me if I insisted on talking to him.”
Why would any reputable company punish their customers for talking to the supervisor? They would only give a first name, hers was Jackie no ID # I asked her location she said it was San Diego, CA. At first she wouldn't give her bosses name and then did after I was on hold many times. His name was Chris I asked did he have an ID number or ext. She said 3688. I don't know if that information was honest. None of these Cable or Satellite companies is honest. Nobody’s governing them and their practices. What choice does anyone have? You have to pay to watch TV. Even the basic is allot of money and there’s always fees too. Rabbit ears won’t work anymore.

When tried to cancel service, they transfer me to another department and the guy there WOULD NOT LET ME CANCEL he kept me on the phone another 40 min and breaking me down by putting me on hold for long periods and going over different options until I gave in to a different plain. They are Gangsters!
I’ll show you my phone log that when I tried to cancel Cox would transfer me to another department where I would wait on hold for a very long time and then they would disconnect the call forcing me to go threw this all over again. That happened 4 times before I finally got someone. But of course I had to say ask please stop disconnecting my calls.
I was deceived and lied to regarding the cost the first time. Is anyone watching them? I bet Cox and direct make billions ripping off consumers.
I sent this email to ac360.c0m keeping them honest. If you have simular complain I hope you'll email Anderson Cooper too.

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