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Countrywide Home Loans / using bad credit to give loans

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Countrywide home loans
We tried for a regular home loan in 2007 and was turned down to having low credit scores and a bankruptcy as well. Then we were contacted by Challenge Financial a broker for Countrywide and was told they could get us a VA loan no problem. We filed the paper work and were turned down the first time cause we didn't have enough income. Then they called back and was told if we could use my husbands overtime and my income combined it would be ok. My husbands boss at the time even signed a form stating that they could use it. We later found out they even used my husbands previous employement as income as well. Anyway, Challenge Financial called the realtor and they Supposedly sent out a VA inspector and the inspector was supposed to go by the VA's rules and regulations. It needed some repairs including having a new roof replaced and the basement possibly having drains put in it cause there was standing water at the time of inspection. The repairs to the roof was done, and the old out building was tore down and was to be hauled away, that is what was stated in the receipt from the contracors, however they shoved it over out hill for us to later haul away, and the basement was never fixed. The roof leaked right after we moved in and destroyed our ceiling tile as well. We were also told that we didn't need an inspection of our own cause the VA was very tidy on their inspection and would find faults to be fixed. Well in the mean time, my husband lost hours and overtime. Then eventually his job and I lost mine the same year. We are both working now, however our income is alot less then before, we have contacted CW on this and all they want to do is raise the payment. We've even asked to extend the loan to 50 years instead of 30 and they won't do it. We've contacted WV attorney general and they only helped people with balloon payments, not people like us. No lawyers will help either for they say it's a waste of time. Since this has all happened, we found out that our plumbing isn't hooked up to our septic tank, it runs down over the hill and when it backs up, it goes into our basement floor. We also found asbestos tape on our furnace vents and was told that is totally normal and at the time of inspection, noone was trained for that type of thing. We have no record of any inspector other then a form stating what needed done and I believe that was done by the appraiser only, not a VA inspector like we were told in the beginning. The realtor has since left and can't be found to explain why we weren't told of these things as well. The house was in the same family for years since 1938 and never changed hands till we bought it in 2007. We have even contacted the VA and no help there was told to sell despite with all these repairs and having to have the asbestos removed first the home might sell for 20000 and the loan was for 160000. There doesn't seem to be anyone out there to help with any of this at this time and we are going to foreclosure I'm sure. I thought they were supposed to do all remodifications for homeowners who were behind no matter what, but we were told recently we didn't make enough money despite, we had 300 dollars left after everything is paid. They also use a credit card as a payment despite we don't have credit cards and an old phone bill despite we don't pay it either. They figure it in on our monthly bills. I'm not sure how this is fair to us or to anyone. I just wish I could find help and save my home from these people. They won't get what they want out of it and noone will buy it with the repairs it needs.


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Loan was refinanced from aurora loan mortgage in one name and became financed in another persons name... (my spouse who had a credit score a few points higher than the original owner /buyer of the original note, the higher score person was awarded the deed, leaving the original owner as a co-buyer now to do anything concerning the property, the new owner// has to approve and sign everything, why am I limited... later it wasrefinanced again to centex mortgage... now nationstar mortgage the original owner no longer holds much intrest in the property because of countrywides shift from original owner to person with the highest credit score??? the original owner still has limited say so as to the rights of the property. after refinance papers were done first original owner has to return to full spectrum lending to sign other papers abot a week later and had to redate the papers for acceptance for refinancing and then became co-borrower. is this deceptive. angry... lost ownership to property... and so call owner has vacated the property leaving all payment to be paid by original owner... what a mess country has left original owner in... oh oh oh...
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Please help me to have morage
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Need help to fix my cradit

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