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Countrywide Home Loans / late fees

1 PO Box 10219Van Nuys, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800--669-6607

I refinanced my home in California last May and before I could make my first payment my loan was "bundled" and sold to Countrywide.
Everything was fine the first 3 or 4 payments. Then in Oct 2007 I send a payment and it took 12 days to go 300 miles from N. Calif to the Van Nuys PO box. I had sent out several checks that same day and 2 days later one to NY state. The NY check made it there and back to CA before my check to Countrywide. I spent a good deal of time on the phone with the "phony" customer service. The Nov. check was posted at the very last day possible. I paid on line in Dec. They charge about $12 to make an online payment. A real rip off!!
Then this month I sent out my payment on the 11th and they just posted today with another late charge. I postmarked their envelope at my office postage meter and photo copied the check and the letter. I am about to do battle with them again.
I don't know if anyone noitices, but the statement and their website is run by a "debt collector" (read collection agency) who obviously get a cut of each check they post. It is therefore to their advantage to have "late" checks because they also obviously share in this lucrative late fee collection. They probably get more $$ from the late fees than the proper posting of checks. If I could move my loan I would. I was practically called a deadbeat when I called to ask why it takes them about 10 day to post my payment. I notice the 800 number to call customer service is also part of the debt collector's website. Therefore you are still dealing with a collection agency. They treat you like you are an idiot and just keep saying that you need to prove that the check was mailed and postmarked on time. That you should call the PO and have them prove that they did not delay the check and that they have no authority to reverse late charges and to seek repayment from the post office if they can't prove they handled. I caved in this month and paid the late fee but lo and behold I now owe another.
I understand Bank of America is buying them out for 4 billion and the deal should be complete by this summer.
Has anyone else had these problems lately? I had perfect payments for more than 3 years and all of a sudden I can't seem to pay just Countrywide on time

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  • Mo
      8th of Feb, 2008
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    I have been getting the same call from the same people. However, mine is to collect taxes that Countrywide paid in '03. Instead of paying for my parcel # they paid for the previous parcel # which was the wrong one of course and now they want me to pay them back. my taxes are $500, one house. They paid $2,000 and something and for 2 houses and 4 acres. WHAT A MISTAKE! They want me to pay it back. lol > Over my dead body.


  • La
      23rd of Feb, 2008
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    Hi, I have just today noticed what I think is a problem with late fees. In looking at my transaction history I see many late fee charges in the late/balance column! Well, my payment is sent electronically from checking to their account so I've been really lax in looking at the countrywide website. I just assumed everything was fine and now, just by chance, I opened my monthly bill and saw my bill had gone up $100 in the last month (a payment change). But here is the most important thing which brings me to my point about the late fees and why I'm responding to this thread which is... there is no customer service email address! Yes, they have a web form... which makes anything you send non-traceable to you! There is also no Customer Service snail mail or corporate address. The only address posted is the one form remitting your payment. For my part, I will file a complaint with the BBB and also -- Countrywide Home Loan... I WANT a TRACEABLE email address. If anyone else feels the same then invite you to file a complaint as well.

  • La
      29th of Feb, 2008
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    Just following up from my last posting and hoping this is helpful to others! It wasn't pulling teeth, but here is their PHYSICAL customer service address (very important if you want to send something certified and TRACEABLE):

    Countrywide Home Loans
    Customer Service
    450 American St
    Simi Valley, CA 93065

    Their customer service fax number is: 800-669-6607

    There is also a POB for Customer Service which is:

    Customer Service Complaint Address
    POB 5170

    Simi Valley, CA 93062-5170

    Also, their customer service phone number (which, per you can get a person hitting zero at every prompt -- worked for me): 800-669-5864

    Good luck!

  • Ja
      21st of Apr, 2008
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    I Refinance my home with countrywide they were my original mortgage company. I didn't get a discount since I am a current customer. the under appraise my home, and now they are charging me an extra $200 per a month because their company LANDSAFE is the one that appraise my home. now it's been two years and that 200 was suppose to be off now they want me to have my house appraise by LANDSAFE again. since LANDSAFE is their company of course they are going to under appraise my home I sent emails to the president and I have not receive any call backs what agency can I file a complaint against them this company should be out of business.

  • Ln
      15th of May, 2008
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    Glad to know i am not alone. I have been sending in my payments every month between the 1st and the 5th...thinking 15 to 10 days is way more than enough time to have my check go 6 states away (I know i am able to drive my self 6 states away well with in the 10-15 mark. I went to do a refinance just to learn that they have posted 8 late pays! Am i going to have to start sending my checks via certified mail?!!

  • Sh
      15th of May, 2008
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    We live in the area of Texas that was hit by Hurricane Rita. Rita was more powerful than Hurrican Katrina, we were just blessed not to have a leavy bust. Our home was devastated and we (a family of five, one a special needs child) lived in trailers in our front yard for almost a year! Countrywide assured us over the phone and by mail that our payments would be suspended and when we moved back into the house they would tack them onto the end of our note with no penalties or interest. When we moved back in they hit us with a demand for over $17, 000 up front or they would forclose on us. We worked feverishly for weeks trying to save our home. We were forced to go through the "Workout Department" who tacked the payments onto the end of our note along with penalty and interest. This added over $33, 000 to our principal, cost us over $2, 000 up front in closing costs and they hit our credit. We are forced to carry mortgage insurance now because we no longer have enought equity in our home. This is costing us over $150.00 per month. Our payments went up over $300.00 per month. We are now part of a class action suite filed in our area by hundreds of Countrywide customers in the same boat as us. Some have even lost their homes. I can't even begin to imagine that nightmare!!! Those poor people have no hope of buying another home with a foreclosure on their record. Everyone out there pray for all of us. We need all the help we can get. I hope our attorney wins. I'd like to see justice served on a bunch of sleeze bags who are willing to take peoples homes, ruine their credit and rape them financially all to make a dime.

  • Mr
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    like many I have been loyal to countrywide in that I made my monthly payments timely for over 2.5 years. My son was in the military and had to return, honorably due to parenthood reasons. Due to this change in circumstance, I foresaw some financial burdens heading. I thought that if you contacted your mortgage carrier and inform them of rough roads ahead they would work with you. Especially since I gave them 2 months notice of possible late pays. I asked that they defer at least 1 month payment to allow me time to adjust I even went through the infamous workout dept, filled out the necessary paperwork only to recieve NO RESPONSE until after my payment was late. I recieved a letter telling me they could not assist me. Well now its been 4 months and I have still not caught up. My monthly late fees are 60.00 month and It just doesnt make sense to me to tack the additional 60.00 on if I cant even make the monthly payment on time.All this because countrywide could not show the mother of a veteran some compassion. GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

  • An
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    I mailed my payment on July10th! Countrywide posted it on the 22nd! I KNOW it doesn't take 11 days for my mortgage payment to reach Countrywide's payment processing center! I make a POINT to mail my payment in on time so I don't have to pay their $20 late fee!! Countrywide gives no way to contact them except to post a message, to which they say they'll get back to me. Well, it's been 3 days and I have not heard ONE WORD from them.

    I agree, Countrywide must be sitting on payments in order to charge late fees. I am about to write the Better Business Bureau about this. I am sick to death of how every company, be it mortgage, banks, utilities, cell phones, cable, etc. jerk the consumer around!!!

  • Ly
      6th of Oct, 2008
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    THIS COMPANY SUCKS!! Originally everything was cool when they wanted my 'mortgage'. I put 20% down and my payments were reasonable...missed a few payments last year and now my house payment for the next year takes half of my net income...
    this will go on for the next 13 months and will probably force me into bankruptcy...I'm at the point where I don't already ruined anyway because of the late (or non) pays.
    Costing me $500 per month more than my original mortgage (Fixed rate) 5 years ago!! Income has stayed the same...cost of living, I don't need to tell anyone about - you know!!! Yet I'm supposed to give Countrywide MORE THAN HALF of my net income...
    ridiculous!! Searching for another place to live and they can have the house, the equity payment too, the repairs, the upkeep, the insurance and taxes. Market is so down, house probably not worth what I paid for it originally! There are other places to live!!
    Thanks for listening. AND VOTE!!! Maybe one of these presidential candidates will do something to save this economy and this housing crisis!!

  • Sy
      22nd of Oct, 2008
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    I received several calls from your company regarding refinancing of my mortgage. Each caller promise to call back. one or two would call back for additional information. a few of them never call back. They all pull my credit reportwith the knowledge that each inquiry would lower my credit score. from the actions of your representative I gather that my loans is bad and should never have been approved. At one point I heard one of your mortgage representative asked who approved this loan he or she was not aware that the telephone was open and I could hear her comment. both my wife and myself felt that we have been getting the run around and no one wants to touch our issue. I feel that it is time for us to get to someone biggher than the Mortgage Department If we are going to get any help. You then send my mortgage to the collection department in India before payment was due. To those rude people who kenw or understand any thing about american life or it people. speaking to me nasty. You need to retrain George. i takes almost a year to get so disgusted with your service. I need answers

  • Jo
      16th of Nov, 2008
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    John E. Shepard
    3201 Key West Dr.
    Garland, TX 75044
    Country Wide Finance Department repeating phone calls (3 or 4 daily)
    Dear Lawyer:
    We have requested that Country Wide Finance Company do not call us daily (3 or 4 time). The open statement “This is a call from a debt collector and we are informing you that we need to collect a debt.” We made payment arrangement with this company to skip one payment.
    We receive a called on the2 day of November, 2008 with the customer service operator stating that we owe for two months of payment.
    This has been a daily process of calls from Country Wide. Sometimes we receive 3 or 4 calls a day.
    The contract that we agreed to pay Country Wide back on a five month plan has been violated by Country Wide Mortgage Company and we would like to take legal action against them(start day December 2008).
    We agreed to be put a 5 month payment plan and they also state that this would not effective our credit but it has affected our credit.
    (Payment plan 1500 per month for the next 5 months)
    Thank You,

    John E. Shepard
    Cc Ross and Matthew Law Firm Bank of America
    Date of calls
    Sunday, November 16, 2008 Time 8:20 from Mrs. Ana Pedia ex (4911)
    Later Mr. Savio Kapoor (supervisor) calling to collect a debt
    Please stop the madness our note had been paid (11-14-2008)
    Payment plan starts next month

  • Ju
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    Country Wide, the worst home loan agency I have ever deal with, I am so glad I no longer have anything to do with them. It all started when I wanted to refinance my home, I owed $180.000 wanted to take 20K from it, called CountryWide they sent their appraiser and evaluated my house for $250.000, I requested a personal appraisal on my house and he evaluated it for $350.000!!! (BTW I wasn’t paying PMI on my escrow). If I would have gone with their “DEAL” I would have to start paying PMI and the payments were going to be humongous, at that time I was paying $1500 a month, with their "refinancing specialist we couldn’t get it below $2000 per month". They lost a customer to someone else and I am SO GLAD.
    Now my brother has the mortgage with them, he's wanting to put his house on a Short Sale for the longest time, he bought his house for $600.000, and now it dropped to $450.000. At the beginning of the year he got an offer for $370.000 and OBVIOUSLY Country Wide Turned it DOWN, they sent their appraiser and evaluated his house for $580.000 NO HOUSE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD is worth that much money anymore. Well he's kind of lucky (except for the fact he's involved with country Wide), he now has another offer, for $365.000 (BTW house price in the neighborhood has dropped to $400.000 and below), and CountryWide is asking him in order for them to accept the short sale he has to pay the PMI for the value of his house out of his pocket!!!. The Escrow Security is $20.000 and they would break it at $86 for 15 years, and they are willing to reduce it to 15.000!!!. What is wrong with that people, families are losing their houses they are losing money. And they are refusing offers? And asking people to pay astronomical amounts of money???? Money is the problem to begin with so ... I am sorry I don't understand. I am sorry for Bank of America they acquired a POS company.

  • Ka
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    Hey to everyone who reads it!
    My loan originallt from Green Point Morgage was bought by Countrywide. Same story with payments by mail.They do not honor 15 days of grace period. I am getting letters on the 8th day that I have not paid my mortgage. Same with calls-4 t05 days per day. You cannot even to block them! Just ignore and do not respond. Then they send you letters by Express mail. Ignore it! My bank statement says: check cashed but somehow Countrywide is calling with a message to pay.
    I am looking for any class action law suit aganst this company to stop this harrasing precedure and mess they have. Pleas send some info!
    Thanks, Kamilla

  • Bo
      12th of Aug, 2016
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    Countrywide Home Loans - Home apprasal
    Countrywide Home Loans
    North Carolina
    United States
    Phone: 252 413 0448

    When purchasing my home, it was appraised by countrywide for 121, 000. After the house was purchased, the same year the city of greenville appraised it for 85, 000.
    I would like to know how can i join, and/or file a class action suit against countrywide for deseptivemisleading pratices.????

  • Ma
      12th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes
    Countrywide Home Loans - Rip off , liars
    United States

    They ripped our personal info off and they have stole our homes what the hell are we going to do about it... Something needs to be done. I have gotton out of that scam liar home mort and have moved on but I will not stop till something is dont about countrywide. We should be paid lots for the damage they have done. And we will. We have to get together and dop something nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. pissed off in NJ if anyone is fromjersey email me and tell me what we need to do please...We will go to the news everyday if we have to papers someone will listen to us.

  • Tm
      12th of Aug, 2016
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    what the heck is this notice i just received about insurance coverage? they are saying i don't have insurance on the house, but i have TWO insurance policies.

    it sounds like they are trying to set up a situation where i can't win. certain papers need to sent in by a certain date or this and that will happen, like lose MY home!

    has anyone else received this bs? thanks!

  • Br
      12th of Aug, 2016
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    Anyone and everyone who is doing business with or is think about doing business with Country Wide Home loans should not!! I would not do anything with this company. I don't care if they are the only ones who will finance you, its not worth it for a "temporary fix". Yes, they might approve your loan and get you into a new house but with in a year or two they will have there way with you. They will screw up your escrow so bad that your payments will nearly double. This company claims they overlook things, this is not true, they do these things on purpose to get more fees and if you are lucky to have a good amount of equity in your home, LOOK OUT! they will do anything and everything to try to foreclose. They are trying it with me and its the second time!!! The did not do an escrow analysis for three years. when they finally did do one it raised my payment to double. I am urging all of you to not do business with them. If you do, watch your loan like a hawk!! Everything from escrow and interest, make sure your payments are put to your account when they should. Im telling you to watch out for these people. They are not stupid but they will have you think that. There ceo sold 450 million is his stock a few weeks ago and last week the stock fell more than half, from $40 per share to $18. Tell me that doesn't sound a little funny. Also the man directly under him sold all of his and then quit two months ago. This is not a fluke. They are crooked people with no morals. I am not speaking from being mad. Everything I have stated are facts not guesses. I, once again, urge you to get out or never get in. what ever the case is stay away from this company.

  • De
      12th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    Countrywide is the Talaban of the home loan industury.What EVER you do don't have anything to
    do with countrywide.They stolden a year worth of
    payments and I have proof of payments made and now to keep the house on 10-1-07 they informed me
    that I have to make twice the payments for 11 month488.04 to 871.56 all because they LOST THE
    PAYMENTS.The war is here people !! I can't tell you enought do not even talk to COUNTRYWIDE on the

  • Pa
      12th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    I was scheduled to close on my new home 4 hours away two days ago. Countrywide assured me time and again that everything was in order. Got to the closing date, and all of a sudden there is a problem. Closing does not happen, and the day AFTER closing should have taken place, they denied my loan. They claim that the property has changed hands twice already this year, so they are not willing to take the risk. They have destroyed everything. I have to be in my new town on Monday (3 days from now) for work and I don't have anywhere to go. I have a truck full of stuff, a dog, a cat, and my wife. Lol, and they offered to refund my appraisal fee. I told them that getting screwed politely is still getting screwed. They will certainly not be getting any more of my business.

  • Ch
      12th of Aug, 2016
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    We were contacted by the Birmingham, AL office of Countrywide
    to refi our home. We gave them some info and they said we were approved continguent ONLY on our house appraising a certain amount. We paid for the appraisal, credit report, etc. They did the same thing to us that was posted earlier by someone. They took our money and told us this beautiful time-frame they would close in so many days...never happened, still hasn't happened. Our loan status on their website says we were declined for our loan. We were upfront about the things on our credit report since I am a totally disabled ....but before taking our appraisal money we were told the credit report did not matter and were pressured to take our appraisal money. BTW, Countrywide is a sister company to the appraisal company, LandSafe. I found this out after the fact. Buyers beware and run for your life. The only time-frame promise that was kept with this company is the IMMEDIATE debit to our checking account when they took the appraisal money from it. I do not expect to get a refund from Countrywide on the appraisal because all they have done to us is pass the buck to someoone else, we get that someone else's voicemail and never get a return call...we call that someone else's supervisor and get another voice-mail, and everything just keeps going around in a circle. This has been a total 3 ring circus for us and I wish I had never answered the phone the day they called. Run as fast as you can to a mortgage company that will be honest with you. Feel free to contact me at the above address, because I feel like I need a support group right now. I will not shut my mouth about the way we were treated because I don't want to see it happen to anyone else!

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