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Countrywide / Monthly Statements / Late Fees

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Fraud alert, I believe every one of the 2 millions countrywide customers should read this letter I am sure it will benefit them as long as they are dealing with Countrywide Mortgage Company.
Throughout the pas 2.5 half years that we have a home loan with countrywide, we are receiving monthly statement and envelop to mail out our monthly payments. During the last two months we did not received any monthly statement and if it was not because of my wife we would have be late on our monthly payment.
After many calls to countrywide customer service they have informed us that the statement has been return to them with the note “Wrong address”. We have contacted post office and countrywide to get to the bottom of this issue without any success, and I must remind everyone that we have two loan with countrywide and we are receiving the second loan statements but not the first loan.
By the language of the loan documents customer is the ultimate responsible person to pay the mortgage and they need to use all means to do so, however when you receiving statements every month for the past two years or as many month and years that you are getting the statements, you may get used to this method and system and you may waited for you statements and as result you may be late on your mortgage payments.
This is extremely important and you may ask why and the answer that question is as follow;
1. This will have negative effect on your credit report and your credit score.
2. If you miss any payment as everyone knows there will be late fees involve with that and that is ONE WAY FOR THEM TO MAKE EXTRA MONEY.
3. If you are looking to take advantage of HOUSING RESCUE BILL that it was pass in summer, guess what!!?? Since you are LATE on your payments you will not be qualified to apply or take advantage of housing rescue bill.
4. If you are late in your monthly payments countrywide does not have to work with you and simply they can say get out.
I believe the reason that Countrywide does not send statements to the customers or when you pay online and on time yet they claim that they have not received the payments on time is that they want to make sure that the customers our late which will allow them to collect more late fees, disqualify the customer for any program that will REDUCE THE PRINCIPALS OF YOUR LOAN, and or any Loan Modification.
Countrywide is a incompetent, dishonest, deceitful company and they do anything to take advantage of the customer. Their incompetence has lead to the lost of identity of 2 million customer and they did not inform their customer for OVER TWO years their must be some law against that and consumer should take some legal action about that.
If you experiencing some of the above conditions and more please speak up and lets get together and see if we can put an end to the COUNTRYWIDE PIRACY of customers from their livelihood.

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      10th of May, 2010
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    I had they same problem after we did our modification, we didn't get a statement for a few months, and they just gave me the run around when I'd call. They are/were just out to scam people, so ridiculous!!!

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