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Countrywide / Poor service!

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My mortgage was sold to CountryWide and at first everything was great but over time it has gotten worse and worse. Latley now its just all bad I hate them I wish they never bought my mortgage and might even consider refinancing just to get away from them! They continued to add more and more fees to pay online, and if you don't pay by the 1st you are forced to answer questions as to why I'm delinquent even though I'm a great customer have never been late more or less 30 days delinquent! They have basically done away with the GRACE PERIOD it is now the DELINQUENT PERIOD now thats not in my mortgage! Also I never had a problem with my escrow until CountryWide, they have continued to raise my escrow payment yet my taxes and home owners didn't go up (makes no sense), paid my home owners twice (makes no sense) and then wanted me to pay the shortage, now my taxes went down but escrow didn't and they actual claim its short and want me to pay extra to it every month (makes no sense), I asked them to release it to me they gave me the excuse that it was in my mortgage, I think not!

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  3rd of Oct, 2007
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I agree completely. I've had mortgages with Countrywide for 15 years (first house, which my ex-wife is still in and we're both paying the mortgage on) and my current home.
This "delinquent" stuff is nonsense, but what really bothers me is that I can't even access my records or information now. Every link goes to the payment page! Just because THEY almost destroyed their business by selling junk mortgages doesn't give them the right to treat regular customers, who pay ontime (by their own rules) as deadbeats.
Too bad there's no other company to go to. I certainly didn't choose them; they bought my mortgage off the broker. To deny me access to my own records until I make my monthly payment just doesn't make any sense.

  6th of Feb, 2008
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just to let you know that Countrywide is becoming a big scam.
Over the phone they said that the grand total closing cost was going to be less than $1000 on paper it turn out to be over $6000 they said ONE dicount point but on paper was 4.5
They said no need for an appraisal but they charge my credit card $380 without my authorization. The only authorization was for $26 for the credit report and even that was wrong they charged $35 I am so mad.
I just got the phone number of the Office of the president (countrywide) 1 800 799-5540 and I will call in the morning to let them know.
They already have so many problems and at this rate they will really sink, I can't believe they did that to a good customer like me.
I will post as many blogs as I can on the net.
I have found so many bad reviews already.
Countrywide will fall big time.

Spread the word to stay away from this scammers.

  15th of May, 2009
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Good luck on getting refianced any where else. UNLESS you're paperwork with CW is PERFECT, you CANNOT get refianced.

  15th of May, 2009
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Good luck refinancing with any one else when you are dealing with CW. They have absolutely no idea about your account. If you correct them about one issue they will create another and another until you are sooooooooooooooooo mad and frustrated that you are at your witts end.
There should be a LAW against that entire company to operate.

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