Costco Wholesale Corporation Woodmore Center Location in Largo Maryland / unethical behavior in tire shop

I took my car to Costco to have a tire plugged that had a nail in it. After waiting several hours for the repair. I was told that the tire could not be plugged and that I needed to purchase a new tire by the technician. The technician showed me the tire where he had marked the place where the nail punchered the tire. the puncher mark was in a place that I felt could be plugged and I told this to the technician. The technician then explained that there were two punchers in the time. The second puncher was not market.. The technician again said that I needed to buy a new tire. Since I did not have a replacement tire I purchased a new tire. Later I called the Honda dealership to see if they would check the punchered tire to see if it could be plugged. The Honda dealer tech told me that the tire could be plugged and plugged the tire and placed it on my car.

I was lied to by the Costco tire techs to get me to purchase a new tire. Fortunately I did not leave my tire with them and check to make sure that what I was told by Costco tire technician was correct.

Aug 02, 2018

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