Costco Wholesale Corporationverbal attack in costco parking lot by cart attendant

A Nov 27, 2017

11/26/2017 at approximately 3pm Costco parking lot Colorado Springs East #1014 my husband, toddler son and I were walking through the parking lot after purchasing our items and mostly to our vehicle. Our very short 22 mo old son was standing in the cart like many kids- my husband holding his body and me holding his hands. Then a Costco employee yelled at my son from across the parking lot constantly telling him to sit down. He then proceeded to walk towards us-still yelling- and when he got to us he stood in front of our cart preventing us from moving and lectured us on how Costco was "his house, his rules" and my child needed to get down. He created such a scene that I had to take my son out of the cart and stand behind my husband. Even a passer by in a vehicle came to us afterward to make sure we were ok. This employee was extremely disrespectful to us as parents, customers, and human beings. I understand safety is a priority, and I might have understood if he had come and talked to us politely about his concern, but we as parents are responsible for our child's safety, and he refused to listen to what we had to say about the situation. Instead, he continued to talk over us and lecture us as if we were children. It was humiliating, degrading, and downright uncalled for. In no way was my child in harms way, but this is not remotely the point. The point is that his actions were irrational and uncalled for. I have never been spoken to in that manner by anyone before much less an employee of an establishment I am supporting, and I have never had to file a complaint. My husband and I handled the situation politely and respectfully, but I hope some further action will be taken with this employee. No one should have to sit in a parking lot of a place you just supported and be talked down to like trash. We are upstanding citizens and a respectable family, and this behavior is highly aggravating.

Employee Details: older gentleman, worked 20 years as a firefighter, manning the carts outside at approximately 3pm in parking lot at Colorado Springs east Costco on 11/26/17

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