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Member # [protected] Order # 4104639 Date 05/16/2016
In May, 2016 I expressed interest in purchasing air conditioning for my home. I was contacted by Sunset Heating and Cooling, the contractor with Costco.
After agreeing to the estimate, the sales person came to sign the final papers. He indicated that full payment be made at that time, in cash or check. I had not been informed of this.
At the end of the installation day, the workers said the AC was not working, there was a problem and they would return the next day. The next day they discovered that the electrical wiring to the thermostat had some how been shorted out. I was offered a new "simple thermostat" (on/off, heat/cool), or the option to purchase a comparable thermostat to the original for approximately $700. I opted for the simple model. The new thermostat was installed. After they left, I found many sharp screws and small fragments of metal in the garage and near the new AC unit in the yard. The AC worked well.
When the weather became colder in late November, I noticed that the furnace had a 15 minute delay to turn on and took approximately 1 hr to heat to set temperature. In December I called the AC Company to access the furnace function. At the visit it was explained that although my furnace was a high efficiency, multiple speed model, with the simple thermostat it could only operate at one speed, thus the slow start and function. Not at all efficient. This had not been explained when I selected the "free" thermostat.
I requested that a programmable thermostat matching the furnace be installed at no cost to me. The Company agreed and came do the install.
The new thermostat did not work. Installer stated there was likely a "decayed" wire to the thermostat. On further evaluation he determined that the 'circuit board" in the furnace was not working, which explained the furnace and thermostat failing to communicate. This would need to be replaced at my expense-$680. Sunset would not back down on this offer- they buy the thermostat, I pay for the circuit board.
The furnace and thermostat worked perfectly prior to the AC install and damage to the original thermostat. I do not believe that I have responsibility for the circuit board damage or should I incur the cost of replacement. In order to have a functioning system I was forced to pay for the circuit board and install. I would like the $680 be paid by Sunset Heating and Cooling.

Jan 17, 2017

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