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I purchased 24, better quality, solar yard lights. These were not the cheap ones that cost a few dollars each, but a much nicer product. I installed the lights in a fully sun lighted area in my yard and they worked well... but only for about 6 months. The lights grew dimmer and dimmer over the next month or 2 and eventually only stayed lit for a couple hours in the evening.

I checked the warranty and its was good for 12 months, so I called the manufacturer and they told me there was nothing they could do and would not honor their written warranty. At this point I was very upset and there was no way to get the product working.

The manufacturer suggested replacing the batteries because this is usually what fails. I asked them to send me new batteries, but they said they could not send them through the mail... so I again... nothing could be done to fix the problem.

I went out on a limb and purchased the "not so cheap" replacement, rechargeable batteries, hoping this would solve the problem. It did not, the solar charging cells must have been worn out and not able to completely charge the batteries.

I then took the lights back to Costco for a refund and they would not honor the warranty either. I was missing some of the stakes, but that is not the point. The stakes are not the problem. I liked the lights and the way they worked when I bought them, there should be no need to return anything if a product is defective.

In the end, I got screwed out of about $120 from the manufacturer... and sorry to say... also from Costco. This is not my typical experience from a Costco buying experience. I purchase, numerous, thousand of dollars a year at Costco... and this is how they treat me NOW???

I did talk to the manager on duty and he simply would not do anything to help my situation. As a long term (30 years) customer, I believe this was a error on part of the manager and at least a problem with the return policy which CLEARLY STATES I HAVE A 1 YEAR WARRANTY.

I expect more from Costco and don't think this is the right way to treat a loyal customer. Hopefully Costco will read this and respond with a positive resolution.

Our local Costco store is in Largo, Florida at Gulf to Bay and Highway 19

Jeff & Arlene Kistner
Cost Business Member No. [protected]

Jan 20, 2017

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