Costco Wholesale Corporationsexual assault by costco manager on costco property


I believe the contents of what I am about to reveal has to be put through to the top of the system as I know of corruption and cover ups within lower level management that is factually correct within Australia and Adelaide Costco. Jeffrey H. Brotman, W. Craig Jelinek or Richard A. Galanti all need to be briefed on this email.

I have been advised not to pass this matter onto Paul Noone or Rob Lees (National Costco Manager of Australia) as this matter due to the particular individual involved has direct contact with both Paul and Rob and along with other employees have witnessed the doubled sided ethical character to the person involved.

I can reveal that I have been an employee at Costco Adelaide but for the purpose of this email and at present I will withhold my real name due to not wanting it to be tarnished due to the capacity this email carries in relation to a Costco Senior Manager.
During my time working for Costco Adelaide I was given factual information that was extremely disturbing by a fellow colleague that was sexually directly involved with the Assistant store manager. For safety reasons I won't reveal the woman involved but its my obligation as an ethical and honest person to inform you that sexual lude acts were performed in various areas within the Costco Adelaide store by George Orphanou the Assistant Warehouse Manager of Adelaide Costco (at the time, I believe he is working in a different management position now. )
The young lady directly involved with Mr Orphanou told me in confidence and at the time I was very upset and scared of the information she had shared with me. Also Mr Orphanou is married so he was committing an adultery which I am very much against as this has affected my own family and had very bad repercussions to me and my siblings.

During the months afterwards It became very clear even other colleagues noticed the closeness and flirtatious behaviour between Mr Orphanou and the young lady involved. Mr Orphanou would often have private meetings within his office with this young lady and would often leave work early so he could spend time at her house. One of the main reasons I have decided to leave Adelaide Costco was due to this appalling behaviour from senior management. I couldn't trust the decision making and felt very unsafe around Mr Orphanou. I have advised the workers Union along with my own person lawyer but at this stage this information has been kept confidentiality,

I am in the process of putting information forward to the media. Channel 7, today/ tonight, sunrise, the morning show, Adelaide advertiser, The Australian, and various other tv and news article establishments as this behaviour is totally unacceptable and the public need to be very aware of it. I have been advised to wait for a return email from either Jeffrey H. Brotman, W. Craig Jelinek or Richard A. Galanti before taking this matter any further.

I feel very hurt personally by Mr Orphanou's actions and its important to shed light onto this situation so the right outcome can occur as I am sure it will.

Thank you for your time,

Kind Regards,

Feb 01, 2017

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