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Hello, about a week ago I went into a Costco and purchased a membership. I went through and soon realized there wasn't the same items and as many organic items as the Seattle Costco has. I recently moved to Kennewick, Wa. I asked for a refund on my membership since you didn't have the options I wanted. Daisy refused to refund because I made purchases that day and because I had returned a membership prior. Let me explain. My mother has a membership and when she visits Seattle we always do a Costco run. I decided to get a membership but she talked me out of it cause she had one but when we moved to Kennewick I decided I didn't want to always depend on my mom to go to Costco but after I went around I realized it's not worth my money since there wasn't as many organic options as the Seattle facility. So Daisy decided to take it upon herself to refuse my refund telling me cause I bought items that day. When I returned my first membership I told them I felt bad cause I just got it and they said not to worry it's their policy to refund at any time as well as they said they get a lot of people who just decide it didn't suite their needs. I went back and someone else was very nice and returned my membership. I want to know why daisy decided to refuse to return my membership purchase ? Does she work off commissions, is she discriminating against me cause I'm not white, cause I had a prior membership return and so she's accusing me of something else?... it doesn't sit well with me. I don't like being lied to and treated differently. I would like someone to ask her why she didn't want to refund my membership. It really bothers me. Please email me at [protected]


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      Nov 15, 2017

    Any commissions they would make would only be regarding opening the memberships, not refunding them. I haven't worked at Costco, but I do believe that while they have goals, they don't make a commission. I would definitely refrain from suggesting discrimination, as you have no evidence of this. For information in regards to why your refund was denied, you may want to call the store or their customer service directly.

    Finally, you should take some responsibility here. You had purchased and returned a membership before, and this time you also did not do any research as to if the membership was right for you. Make sure to be as polite as possible to the staff.

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