Costco Wholesale Corporationhiring seasoned senior workers

I have been applying since August 2016 at Costco's and was advised to apply every 90 days, finally when they did ask to interview me for Membership Services I was ready to work.
I have a strong background in banking. I am 68 years old and needed a job badly. I was interviewed by two managers in the customer eating area and answered all my question to the best of my ability knowing that I had the job.
The two managers told me that I would need to be interviewed again by another manager by Thursday or Friday of that week. They told me I did great on the interview as well. On Friday I got no call from the Sugarland store in Houston. Finally I called and was told the on that Monday they had emailed me and found someone better suited for the position.
They could hired me in vault services or a food tester. Somewhere within Costco they could have to hire me "it was my age".

Sincerely Ms Radford

May 04, 2017

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