Costco Wholesale Corporation / hiring process

Costco south loop chicago, United States

I am a customer at Costco and heard good things about working there.I applied 4 times over the past 2 years and was called for an interview. The interviewer was Anthony from the bakery dept who was accompanied by another manager. I answered all the questions he had for me and then Anthony Anthony told me I was the only one who called back but someone that day had finally called back. He said he wasn't going to be able to interview him until the following Tuesday because he was going on vacation. He told me that I would receive a call around Wednesday Thursday for a second interview and if I impressed this person I would do a drug test and I would be in. So the following Wednesday, Thursday comes and no call, I though maybe I missed a call or something or maybe I was supposed to call him on Wednesday so I called to talk to Anthony but the person told me after leaving me on hold that he would contact me at his earliest convenience but never got a call back. I called the day after and I was told they would put a note in his box with my name and number but never got a call back. I don't understand why Anthony was avoiding to talk to me. I understand they probably went with someone else but why couldn't I get a call back. I felt very disrespected and think it was very unprofessional for a manager to act in such a way.I was a member but will not be anymore and will never apply for a job here again. I am a military veteran and know good leadership and it don't seem like they got the right leadership in manager /hiring positions because if I or any leader was in anthonies place they would have called me back or took my call when he was supposedly busy. This happened in the south loop warehouse and was wondering how I could contact the shift manager/supervisor or upper management who could let me know why I was told that I would get a call after anthonies vacation and why i could not speak with Anthony to find out what was going on so I could stop waiting for a second interview call.

Jan 29, 2017

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