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Just now at the Costco gas station in Capo Beach Dana Point, CA the attendant told my son and I that we were not allowed to throw our trash away in the trash can. We had a single slice pizza box, and my son was making it smaller. The attendant actually walked over and said, "You can't throw that in there." I responded, "So, you're saying we really can't throw our trash away". He said, "No.". I said, "I never even use these trash cans and my son was just trying to help me--I can't believe that you're not letting me throw this piece of trash away." The attendant just shook his head at me.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Juan Capistrano, CAI did tell the Manager Named Ross who said he would speak to the attendant. He did not ask me for any information. Based on his reaction--not sure if he was really going to speak to the attendant.
Also, about two weeks ago, another gas station attendant was actually outwardly getting angry with customers at 8:50 pm stating, "I'm going to go home late because you people need gas!"
I have never had any issues with Costco employees and all others have been very kind. I do think that because I was dressed down in my gym clothes--maybe the first attendant was judging me as I am half Hispanic--like I'm dumping all of my trash in the bins. It was very upsetting to end my Mother's Day on that note

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    I spoke to Customer Service and they are handling situation.

May 14, 2017

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