Costco Wholesale Corporation / debit card transactions

Hawthorne ca, US

I got gas at your facility in Hawthorne, CA. Later An alert came up that my card had been declined for the amount of $100. This was very disturbing for two reasons.
1. The amount of gasoline I purchased was below $100
2. There was no reason given for my card being declined.

I had to immediately contact my bank to find out if someone had drained my bank account and then Costco.

Costco explained to me that they always hold $100 from bank accounts when using debit cards for gas. Is this a national policy? It caused me considerable trouble.

Also, when I tried to explain what had happened, the Costco representative wouldn't even let me finish my sentence. I would have liked to confirm that we were on the same page regarding what had happened and why.

I had a very poor experience. Even if your actions are not illegal, they certainly show poor judgment in terms of good customer service. When I purchase products at Costco, do you automatically hold $100 from my bank account as well? Can you please explain the process to me

Thank you,

Mar 28, 2017

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