Costco Wholesale Corporation / customer service. one at the verizon phone sales and the other at the checkout counter.

Manteca, CaliforniaM, US
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I purchased a Samsung Galaxy s8 phone on 11/24/17. I inquired about the $300 Costco cash card and the sales person advised me I would receive it in the mail. At home I was reviewing my papers from this transaction and there was no mention of the Costco cash card. Today (11/26/17) I went back to the phone Kiosk and was told the rebate website was down all day on the 24th and that the sales person should have told me and given me some papers on how to obtain a redemption form. This has now been taken care of with great frustration as the sales person did not want to spend time to show me how this new phone worked.

When checking out, I thought I was purchasing a tablet that was on sale as the price was right above the box showing tablets. At check out it was about $300 more than advertised. As one of the cashier reps was checking on the price the person ringing me up did not want to wait for the rep to come back but instead had me sign the tag in order to wait on the next customer telling me if it's different or not what I want he can simply have a supervisor take it off. WRONG, I was told that I now have to stand in another long line at the return counter for this transaction! - If you would like a photo showing the price over the tablets I would be able to send one after going back.

Being disabled and having PTSD I was not a happy camper!

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Nov 26, 2017

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