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To whom it may concern, the more I go to the Costco in Clovis, Ca on Ashlan and peach I am encountering an increase in poor customer service. On 2/10/18 my sister and I went to go pick up an order at the deli section. We were about an hour late because we put in the order 2 weeks ago and forgot about the time. I even called to check on the order but there is no direct line to the deli so we couldn't find out.
When we arrived at the deli section I asked for my order then a worker came out and he was outrageous. He began yelling at my sister and I and went off about how we were late and if we ever order again we have to be on time. He also said "now we have no more rotisserie chicken to sell to the customers and my boss is going to yell at me thanks to you guys being late." Feeling super embarrassed my sister and I apologized. Dave left back to the packaging room and The two workers began preparing our rotisserie chicken for us. The two gentlemen apologized on Dave's behalf and said "sorry that guy is known for being mean." Turns out Dave was the supervisor and person in charge at the deli section . After receiving our items we walked past the packaging area and Dave stared down at my sister and I giving us the meanest look anybody can possibly give.
I will have to be honest and say I have never been this embarrassed in my life! He yelled at us as if we were not human and treated us with no respect in front of numerous customers. His peers even noticed his temper and stated "he is known for being mean" my question is do Costco really let supervisors yell at the customers like that? Because Dave surely did it with no problem. The thing is the items we were purchasing was for a funeral in which my father have recently passed. Going to Costco and already grieving then getting yelled at and stared down by the worker only made matters worse for me.
I feel something needs to be done and I do not want another Costco member to go through what I went through. Please address this issue with Dave and the supervisor.

Thank you

Feb 11, 2018
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      Feb 12, 2018

    Hi Julie.

    Not that being overly rude is proper for any department, but being timely is something one should also understand. Could you imagine if this manager would have wrapped up chicken that was over an hour old? I'm sure you would have been angry that your order wasn't fresh, not taking into account that being late created the problem. Respect should be something provided from both directions.

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