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I was at the store at Newmarket/Canada/ontario in and yonge street and green lane, around 750pm I came just to buy a laptop I wrote the code and ram to the cashier to pay noticing that it was at least 5 to 6 shopping carts per register, so I went to the helper of one of the cashier and asked him if he can help me out just to make me through and pay just this one item? So he told me to go to a front desk just behind the registers and pay there because at the same desk is where I'm gonna claim my item in this case my laptop, so I went there the Lady said NO she told me to go back and make a line and pay at the regular cashier ( she didn't want to hear me just stop me for saying what she knew I need it and sent me back ), so in my way to the register I saw a gentlemen he looks like a supervisor his name is Jeff, I told him about been in a rush my kids are with my wife in the car I just need to pay one item and he answered me telling me to go and make a line an pay ? .. I said yes I just need your help to leave quick is just one item?.. And he told me again yes just make you line and pay?.. So he tried me like and ##### to a point that I asking did you understand what I'm trying to say? .. I want to pay my only item I just but I don't want to stay 15 or 20 minutes just making a line ?.. Im sure you may ask another costumer to let me in or something, And he repeat just go and make a line I'm sure they are going to move pretty quick???
People were looking at me shaking their heads and calling me to let me trough because now they can see this guys Jeff is a joke or probably my accent trigger something on him I honestly don't know, at the end I left pretty disappointed, and humiliated ..and honestly realized that Costco doesn't care about their customers .. I been shopping at Costco my whole life for my house and my business but for now on I may have to think about driving more and go to a few places before I go back to that store ..

Jan 28, 2017

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