Costco Wholesale Corporation — customer service (barbara)

I am a Costco member and have always enjoyed my visits to my neighbor hood costco at 2746 north clyborn, Chicago, il.60614. Unfortunately that has changed since my last visit on 5/5/2017.
I made one purchase and decided to grab a bite to eat after I left the register. I had the receipt for my purchase from the store in my hand when I entered into the line for the food court and for some odd reason placed the receipt into the trash bin.After I purchased my food I proceeded to leave the store and when I arrived at the exit I explained to the associate at the door ( Barbara ) that I had put my receipt in the trash bin. She then replied "you have to go get a receipt" and I assumed she ment for me to retrieve it from the trash.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chicago, ILSo asked her " from the trash?" She started to raise her voice at me and say " no the register" so I turned around and headed back into the store and she continued to say in an elevated tone" I didn't say the garbage, I didn't tell you to get it out of the garbage". I then went to the customer service counter and explained my situation with the receipt and the associate went and retrieved me another receipt with a smile and no attitude.Very eager to help me resolve my situation. I was very impressed with her determination to help me.I was pressed for time and didn't have a chance to speak to the manager regarding Barbara's extremely poor attitude with my situation.Once I did have a chance, I spoke to Justino on the phone who said he was a manager and apologized​ for the situation.He also said he would have a talk with her regarding this incident.I expressed my thanks and explained to him that someone with a poor attitude should not be greeting or saying goodbye to customers. I mean members pay to shop there.This is the kind of service I would expect from the store on the corner.

May 08, 2017

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