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Littleton, CO, United States

I am a Costco member and I purchased a cell phone plan with my son at the Costco Wholesale cell phone desk in the store at the Sheridan location. I was given information for a plan for AT&T which included 4 Iphone 7's and the unlimited data plan since I bundled it with my Directv. I was told that through the special promotion that AT&T had through Costco each Iphone would cost $4 a month after paying the full price for the first two months of service. I would then be credited 21.00 per phone back the third month of service and my bill would be significantly lower. I was told that in addition to the $4 Iphones, that I would also have the unlimited plan for $180 a month for a total of $196 per month due to the $4 per phone times four lines. I paid the very high bill for the first two months and expected to see my account credited back the difference between the regular price and the promotion that Costco had told me I was in, so $24-$20, $20 times 4=$80x2months= $160 expected credit. My bill however in the third month came to be $290 and stayed that way ever since and has not been credited at all as promised. I have tried to reach the Costco cell phone manager directly, but they do not have a current manager in place. I have talked to the representatives at the cell phone booth and they have told me they cannot help me and that they do not have any idea what plan I was set up in. After trying to contact the cell phone booth directly, I tried to reach out to AT&T and they told me since it was done through Costco I needed to go back in and talk to the cell phone manager at Costco (even though they don't have one currently). I did go back into Costco and told the employees to have the floating manager contact me as soon as possible, I never heard back from anyone. The final step I took was I reached out to the Costco store manager who gave me the phone number for the regional cell phone manager. I left a message and he never called me back. I cannot get anyone to help me, thus I am writing the BBB

Jun 13, 2017

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