Costco - Udi's Whole Grain Breaddefective product

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I purchased a loaf of Udis Whole Grain bread on 4-25-17 at your Thomas and 44th ST store. It has a considerable amount of mold. This is the third time I have had an issue with this product. I have responded by e mail in the past to Costco regarding this product.
You are carrying a product made by a company that is poorly manufactured.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Phoenix, AZIt has been prevoiusly brought to your attention and the attention of Udis and you continue to carry it. I will by filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and social media. Word needs to get out that Costco isn't tuned in to their customers. Costco sells products that receive complaints with no regard to customer inconvenience. Costco isn't concerned about individual customers, only volume.

Apr 30, 2017
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  •   Apr 30, 2017

    Costco doesn't make the UDIS brand. You need to call them and complain to them instead of Costco. And isn't UDIS bread frozen? I am wondering how frozen bread molds. Unless you thaw it out, and leave it in a very warm environment after it thaws. As for your news and BBB report, let me say this real slow...LMFAO.

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