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I joined the Queen's Costco in August 2016. So this was my first visit to the store. I had difficulty trying to find the correct exit with elevators. Exit sign said to Galleria. That exit had steps. I do not ambulate well, especially up stairs and trying to lift a wagon. I went back to the entrance to asked if there was way to get to the elevators without going up steps. There were 2 gentleman standing there. I tried to get their attention for help. They clearly ignored me. So l got closer and a man in white sweater talking a Costco worker raised up his hand. So l went to the exit staff and they told me l had to go back the same way came. I saw a man dressed in black and asked him if he worked here. He said he works on the elevators. I asked if there was a way to get to the elevators without using steps. Apparently their was not. He was kind enough to pull my wagon up the 3 steps so l could use the elevator. Is there a way from the Rego Park store to exit without using steps?

Nov 26, 2016

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