Costco / optical employee - rude service

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I visited the optical section of Costco for a pair of new glasses. I picked out a frame and lined up behind a couple that was being served by an employee. The employee stops his conversation with the couple to speak to me. He asks me how I can be helped. I was surprised by that because he cut off his conversation with the couple to speak to me. In any case, I explained that I had picked out a frame and would like to make an order. The employee responds in an extremely condescending tone and as he spoke, he frowned at me. Employee: "Uh, sir, I don't know if you know but we follow a line system here, " I was confused by his comment and shocked at how rude he was. Even the couple who he was in the middle of serving was confused. The employee then continued with his condescending tone. Employee: "So I don't know what's going on here. I'm not sure which of you are in line first, " Obviously the couple was in line first. The employee was already in the middle of serving the couple when I lined up behind them. I responded saying the couple was in line first, and the couple also explained that they were in line already while I was browsing and I had lined up behind them. The employee then said to me: Employee: "Sir, I think this couple was here first so I will serve them. Please get in line where the sign indicates, " The employee said it in a way like he was explaining it to a child. Then, he turned back to the couple and put on a fake smile. At no point did I interfere or cut anyone off in line, nor did I argue that I was in line first. The couple was already in the middle of being served and I was patiently waiting behind them. It turns out that this employee was unhappy that I was forming the line in the wrong direction. He wanted me to stand where the sign indicated. The sign was tiny and was not facing the correct direction. The employee could have simply explained to me or directed me to form the line in the correct direction. Instead, he stopped in the middle of serving customers to put on an act to try to make me look stupid. He was rude, passive-aggressive, and condescending.

Dec 13, 2015

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