Costco / don't buy their insurance

United States

Do not buy this insurance that is sold through costco. Doesn't matter whether you are victim or insured you will get screwed. Yes this is the same company that we bailed out in 2008 and they still coninue screwing us americans! Don't let them get you!!! Read below story: I was involved in an auto accident last september 2011. This lady ran a red light while I was making a left turn. I was 90+ percent into my turn when she hit me.

Immediately ameriprise wanted to ding me 15% because they say I should have had eyes behind my head and swerved to miss their insured and hit the pickup truck that was to the immediate left of me. Not only did they ding me but they also screwed their own insured by giving her an "old sweaty three year old car". They wouldn't replace her new toyota! The agents you deal with are "rude" and "unprofessional". Their agents can't even spell their name correctly! That's the calibre of personnel you are dealing with.

First off (1) do not give them any information over the phone or written communication especially if you are the victim because they will use it against you. Only say something like "their insured hit me" and keep repeating that. (2) get an attorney especially if you are the victim because they will not settle with you unless you do.

One more thing if your buy from this insurance the $450.00 savings they say they will save you on the costco website will wind up costing you a lot more. What they do not tell you is that your $450 savings will turn into an expense for you because they will not listen to you and pay out. They will save you $450 by discounting what they pay out to the victim and put the $450 in their general other words this insured will wind up paying me $2000.00 through our court system because they would not protect their.


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