Costco Barrhaven CA / employees

Nov. 15 2017 around 10:30, I was at Costco Barrhaven in Ottawa located at
4315 Promenade Strandherd Dr, Nepean, ON K2J 6E5.
An employee at the door asked to check my little back pack, I was shocked, I shop at all different costco locations and all other Canadian stores, I was never been told to be checked.Anyways I opened the small backpack with only a cell and wallet to the employee. I saw many people with large bags not get checked.I felt targeted by some kind of discrimination.
I returned back to ask to talk to a supervisor to explain the rule.This time I feel really shame to costco Canada for their inconsistent and changing
explanation of their policy. The supervisor and the employee showed me the sign. The sign read you need to allow inspection. I asked why only myself got checked today, even those with bigger bag not got checked, the supervisor told me they only check backpacks, other bags no matter how big they don't check. This obviously not conform to the policy on sign, was it just because I carried a back pack, even though it's a small one, they checked it and then they changed the definition of their policy just in front of me? I doubt their explanation, funny thing is the employee started to check big bags while the supervisor insist bags other than back pack not need to be checked. I doubt the explanation, they called the manager in,
the manager supported his staff's saying at the beginning, I questioned his
explanation to the policy, it really does not make sense only
back pack need to be cheeked no matter what size it is, any other big bags
no matter how big it does not need to be checked. The manger then changed his point and said the oversize bag need to be checked. But my back pack is a small one, why I got checked, he then said oversized and all back packs need to be checked.I pointed out the bag bigger than my back pack didn't get checked before I came to complain, also, I never saw costco check back packs and big bags before, he then said they have choices who to be checked. I questioned costco employees can do anything as they like. He looked impatient, and apologize he need to communicate and train his staff how to explain the policy. With all these changing explanations, I felt targeted for being Asian look and really do not appreciate it. costco need to put on their sign they check every back pack if they really not care about the bag size but only back packs.Then customers have choice if they like to go to that costco.

Nov 15, 2017

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