Coricraft Groupproducts and aftercare service

I have many issues with Coricraft:
- After testing a leather dinning room chain in the shop (it was the perfect height and sponge firmness), we ordered 10 to be manufactured. After 6 weeks on arrival, 4 chairs were badly rickety and all of them were upholstered in very soft sponge (not like the shop sample) which made the seating compress, making the height incorrect to the table. After an Assessor came to check them out, the follow up process took about 2 months. I would need to do regular calls to follow up on the chairs. The service department just didn't correspond with me. I did all the chasing!
- I also ordered a dinning room table, which arrived damaged (the one leg was broken). I requested a replacement, buy once again, I would have to continually chase them. The service department are pathetic!
- I ordered 3 Cain chairs. the one's vanish started chipping off after sitting on it twice, so after another assessment, they agreed to collect it for a credit (no replacement stock). I have waited 2 weeks for someone to contact me back regarding the credit, but as correspondence. I have just called them (from a landline which they don't know, and answered. Once they have your cell number, they can identify it, then they choose to answer or not. In my case I have tried to call them at least 30 times over the past 6 months. And 90 % of my calls were never answered). Luckily my call was answered because they didn't recognize the number!

I have never dealt with such a bad customer service department at a company before!

Sep 10, 2018

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