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SCS - Delivery time of 7 months not acceptable, no apology, just using COVID as an excuse isnt good enough

We ordered a 2 & 3 seat sofas as well as a storage footstool in the middle of Jan 2021, it arrived August 2021. Nowhere on SCS website did it state there could be a delay in the order being delivered. We could have chosen another product or chose a different supplier. Waiting 7 months for delivery wasnt what we had bargained for, we even visited the store at Aintree to try and get some answers but was basically told to send complaint in via the website... not good customer service really.
ScS account number: S7777-5108671

Desired outcome: A reduction in the price would have been nice after all we had to wait 7 months for the products, and countless excuses as to why delivery was delayed.

SCS - OK furniture Bara mall (Soweto)

My name is Sanele Khumalo, [protected].

3 weeks back, took my TV for repairs. They called me in 2 days saying I've voided my warranty because I tempered with the TV. In which I did not such. I went there fuming and they told me that their technician told them that I tried to open the TV, but with lake of evidence and they told me that my matter was to be taken to their head office for resolving. Till now, nobody has called me with any update

SCS - Sofa

We went into our Chesterfield Branch of SCS back in August 2021 to purchase a leather sofa. We were advised that it usually takes 8 weeks. Our sofa has been delayed repeatedly. We have been contacted...

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SCS - Motor mileage of carpet fitter

Today I finally had my carpet fitted. The fitter was travelling from Cambridge to my home. Approx 30 miles. His motor mileage charge was £45.20. I received a phone call early this morning from the fitter to inform me they would be with me late morning as they were fitting another carpet approx 12 miles away from my home. My home is closest to Cambridge. When the fitter arrived I asked him if their other customer had to pay mileage too and was told they did not because I was already booked and as they were in the area they tagged the other customer on to their daily work. As the other customer lives further away from Cambridge than me, it would seem I am being charged for the mileage for the other customer too. This seems wholly unfair. At the very least, the other customer should have had to pay half of the mileage. To reflect the true amount, the other customer should have paid 2/3 and I 1/3. I feel I have been taken for a mug!

Desired outcome: Some mileage money reembursed

SCS - 2 seater sofa / customer service

We purchased 2 off 2 seater Sofas on 31.05.2021 & expected delivery in July, nothing arrived until the 11th August, but as expected they didn't fit through our porch door so we had to pay another...

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Jan 10, 2022

SCS - Three piece suite

We ordered a three piece suite before christmas, it arrived a month late, we ordered a 2 seater and a three seater, the three seater did not fit through door even though we measured, its been a nightmare ever since, we were told to contact the upholsterer which we did, he does not get back to us despite leaving countless messages we have had one conversation with him saying he would have a look at it, I have to keep phoning scs as they do not contact us to let us know whats going on, a few times they have said its down as been delivered, yes the two seater has but we are still waiting for three seater, we have paid in full, I am disabled and at times can not get up the stairs and need the sofa to rest on, I have been phoning and emailing scs nearly every day and nothing is happening, surley there is more than 1 upholsterer in plymouth, the suite has been taken back to plymouth at there shop, acc noso1125499480, mrs a leaver

SCS - Sofa

Dear Mr Carson,

Four years ago, I purchased a leather corner sofa from SCS in Colchester. Within 6 months small patches of leather started discolouring. As it wasn't noticeable, I ignored it. Then we went to SCS in 2019 as it now had several discoloured patches but they were not very helpful and I then intended to write to you. Then Covid hit and as my husband was vulnerable, we were in lockdown for the best part of the pandemic. I did not take out any extra warranty on the sofa as it was nearly £3000 and I could not afford any more, for the insurance.

I have another 2 leather sofas in the house and a 'pleather' one too. The dogs have access to all 3 of these but not to my SCS one. The other sofas are all over 8 years old and none have any discolouration or faults on them.

I would like to be able to find/buy a leather dye or polish to cover up the discoloured patches but as the colour of the sofa is taupe, I have been unable to find a colour to match.

I understand your solution centre does not have a great rating but I am hoping you can direct me in the right direction. I would be so grateful.

Kind regards

Lita Bryan
ps please note one photo was taken in the sunshine the other was in a darker part of the room, enacting the flash.

Desired outcome: Helping me locate the corect colour dye or cream buff

SCS - Chair and sofa

I have been waiting for 3 months from 17/09/21 for my chair and sofa I was told it would be here on the 7 January 2022. but I had a phone call saying the furniture was made and would be delivered the...

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SCS - Driver pulled out on me and nearly crashed

I was driving north on the A1 on 13th December when a SCS lorry drove in front of me from the access in the central reservation area. I was in the fast lane overtaking lorries in the slow lane. I was driving at 70mph on cruise control. The lorry driver came out from the central access road and turned North in my direction and in the fast lane. With lorries on the slow lane the SCS driver could not move into the slow lane. I had to brake suddenly to come to a complete stop, with cars behind me having to do the same with emergency stop. The road which the driver had come out of initially was whalebone lane near little ponton, near Grantham, which is on the South side of the A1 dual carriageway. The lorry driver in the slow lane next to me sounded his horn at the SCS driver, knowing he was in the wrong.

Desired outcome: Your driver should be reprimanded for nearly causing a multi car accident plus my wife and I could have been killed.


SCS - Scs sofa

Sofa was faulty and had a couple of rips after a month or so. When the new cushion was delivered noticed a massive discolouration in the rest of the sofa along with sagging of the cushions. Got there technician out to assess and like every other review on here he corruptly blamed us. Said is was heavy soiling from our dog. Even though our dog has never stepped foot on the sofa. So we know that is complete lie. They've washed there hands with it. I've contacted citizens advice and they have told me to contact the finance company we got credit with and see what they say.. It seems SCS are not a very good company at all..

Desired outcome: I'm happy to change the sofa for a dark grey one. If not a full refund as the sofa is faulty


Hi, How did you manage to get a technician out? we have had our appointment cancelled twice and we have the same sofa !

We dont have rips but have serious sagging of a few of the cushions too

SCS - Lazyboy fabric corner sofa with recliners

Hi, we purchased a lazyboy sofa from SCS in August 2010, we became aware of back and hip/thigh problems by July 2021, we would have probably seen it sooner, but had been away in our caravan for 3 months on and off till then. We noticed on examining the seats and backs of the recliners that the cushions were sagging. We contacted SCS, who sent out their Inspector, who checked the frame and springs, which were fine, so SCS said as there was no design fault they were closing down the complaint. On contacting Citizens Advice, we downloaded their letter and filled it in quoting our Consumer Rights, also sending a copy to the Finance Company who are jointly liable. SCS then said they would replace the cushions which would have to be ordered in. Finally, on the 28th September a fitter arrived, but only with seat cushions and not back cushions. I called SCS, who said they had done this as a ;Goodwill gesture'
We then got in touch with Citizens Advice again, who suggested we msay need our own report to take this further.
WE had no luck in finding a local upholsterer who could do this, so were advised by Citizens Advice that we could contact the Furniture Ombudsman, as they offered this service. We did this, and finally we had a company called Homeserve come out on 29th October. By this time, the new seat cushions were already sagging after just 4 weeks! however, all he did was again check the frame and springs, saying there was no fault, we queried this, pointing out the sagging seat and back cushions on the recliners. His reply was that he'd sat on it and it seemed fine, and that the sagging was due to 'settlement'. We are now left with a report we paid £150 for that has not addressed the issue we complained about.
We have been online and seen many other SCS customers who have had this same problem and got nowhere.
Are we able still to reject the sofa under, our Consumer rights as the sofa is of 'Unsatisfactory Quality' as we have allowed them 1 repair?

Desired outcome: A full refund on monies already paid and for the sofa to be picked up by them

SCS - Colour change

I had a sofa and chair delivered on 20 September the colour ordered was mink they delivered and was in and out within 10 mins.On seeing both chair and sofa to my horror it looked purple, spoke to someone once it had been delivered nothing could be done, spoke to someone inSunderland who said they would send a swatch which arrived 10 days later he colour was mink but put in the room where the products were it went to purple.Whent to the store in Birstall Leeds to be told once it had been delivered nothing could be done, I was told to buy some blinds by the not so helpful salesman.Im a 78 year old female living on my pension and so dissatisfied with my purchases

Sep 28, 2021

SCS - Faulty goods

Were on special offer there are marks on the arm they were dirty and they look like they have been used and returned with the £69 delivery charge on top I am really annoyed if I wanted a cheap or second hand furniture I would have bought some I have had furniture off you in the past and also bought a suite for my daughter but I am not at all happy with these they also have a delivery date on them for over a month ago which must have been a different person yours kath jepson the order number is elw 148 140 I have been on the phone for nearly an hour and cant get through

Desired outcome: I am willing to keep it for a reduction in price and the price of the cleaning pack

SCS - Sofa

I have been waiting for months for my sofa I was toldit would be here on the 17 september but it never came I was told it would come on the 27 september but never came then your staff said it was coming on the 7 october and I was told the 14 october now I have been told the 1st of november I have had rows with your staff in the shop on the phone your staff keep telling me lies all the time I have paid the full price for my sofa you wont give me back my money I have contact my lawer to take you to court and sue you you should get a letter from my lawer soon ill see you in court your staff in aberdeen are just con men steal your money and dont give anything I will go to the papers as well and give comany a bad name

Desired outcome: money back or court


SCS - Carpet &vinyl

Hello, I ordered my carpets in May 2021 and paid in full, we are now in September 2021, and I have received an email to advise me that I should consider cancelling the order and placing an order for...

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Sep 13, 2021

SCS - 3 piece suite costing £3490

S0047-5305840. Delivery 20-07-2021 Complained after 2 weeks of fabric collapse and balling causing colour change and misshapen sponge seating. It was inspected by SCS inspector when 4 weeks old who reported nothing was wrong. This suite costing £3490 looks like it's had a hard long life after 2 weeks and SCS has washed their hands of us. We do want a full refund as Citizens Advise has said the product is not fit for intended use and we are correct in following our claim

Desired outcome: Full refund

SCS - Carpet - harassment

We purchased a carpet - Contract number 4625866 Michael Duffy. The item is being uplifted on 17/09/21 due to faults. The carpet was paid part cash & part loan with Creation. Not only has the business with the carpet has affected my mental health I am now being harassed by Creation to make a payment.

My name is Patricia Duffy, we did wait a long time for the carpet, we will now have to sit without one until we can purchase another which we can't do until my husband is fully reimbursed. Can you please get Creation to stop the harassment and will you reimburse us.

Yours Sincerely
Patricia Duffy

Desired outcome: Harassment stopped & reimburse

SCS - Non delivery of carpet

I placed an order for 2 sofas and a living room carpet in early May 2021 and paid in full on the day.
A few weeks later I was informed that the furniture had arrived into the warehouse but, as agreed when my order was placed, it would not be delivered until the carpet was fitted. We are now in September an there is still no sign of the carpet.
I have been back to the store and was told they do not have a date yet for the carpet, I will not go back to the store again unless I have to because their customer service is disgusting. When I mentioned that I had paid in full and that they had had my money for ages I was told 'well it's not like we are making any money on it, the interest rate is too low'!
I received an email confirming a date of 21st July for the fitting of my carpet, when I called I was told that the email was to confirm that the carpet would be delivered to the warehouse on 21st July not fitted on that date and that I would receive a call after to arrange fitting. I never got a call so called them again and was told that the carpet was not in and they did not have a delivery date and that someone would call me to discuss. I never received a call. I called again about 3 weeks later and was told that the carpet was expected on 20th August, I did not hear from them and called them again on 25th August only to be told that the carpet has still not been delivered and that someone would call me back AGAIN. I am still waiting!
I paid almost £2000 for the furniture and carpet 4 months ago, I have had zero contact from them and have made all the running myself but have still not got anywhere.
It makes me really angry that they are still advertising their sales and promoting their products when they can't even deliver the orders they have already been paid for.

Desired outcome: I just want someone to call me back for once and give me a delivery date, this can't go on much longer, if it does I will be cancelling

SCS - Sofa

I have already expressed dissatisfaction with the overall service and quality to yet I have no resolution. Sofa was purchased March 2020, delivered July 2020. Delivered faulty on the day. Multiple failed visits to repair eventually offered replacement and arrived may 2021. Still no contact from complaints manager to check I am happy which I am not! Quality is not the same as first sofa (I do believe the first one they gave me was a display sofa) this 2nd one as absolutely shocking quality for a £1900 sofa and I have still no response from them to this day august 2021. I will not let this drop!

Desired outcome: Contact would be the first point! I want the same quality sofa that was sold to me in store not a cheap one they have knocked up to try make money back because of lockdown

SCS - Lay z boy

Absolutely disgusting customer service from scs lay z boy is awful quality framework breaking away recliners squeak and lean to one side the framework is astonishing I paid over £3000 for a sofa and extra insurance that isnt worth the paper it written and covers for nothing ! SCAM ALERT all I've had is people come out trying to say it's human damage ! It's barley used ! And On both ends in the same place sure and I suppose the collapsed cardboard armrests are too ! Thanks lazy boy sofa and to think I went on good judgment more fool me ! Now I have to find more money great one

Desired outcome: Refund

We are same bought lazy boy it’s nothing like what they have on display customer service is shocking, we bought ours in December and it won’t last a year it marks easy the quality is rubbish, we have had 5 engineers out saying pet damage I’m waiting for further emails updating us but been ignored so looks like the legal route now.

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