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laminate flooring and sofas

I purchased laminate flooring and sofas from SCS back in September 2019 they were both paid in full in November and I'm still waiting delivery. when ive missed calls ive returned them and ive been told they have no idea why they have rang me as no notes logged on my account. they have attempted to deliver my sofas but I have requested my flooring first so there is no communication between flooring suppliers or furniture department. I have requested regional manager to contact me regarding a refund but still to make contact with me. really unprofessional as I had to chase up a survey for laminate floor and they blamed me for not arranging it ... they are the ones supplying me with the goods therefore they should of made contact to measure up etc . really sorry I paid cash as I would of gone through CC / DC to get refund.

by the way the laminate flooring I purchased is a lot cheaper elsewhere so they have a huge mark up .

sofas uk

I have been complaing about faulty goods for a year to your store online etc, the faults was straight away after 1 month, I will look forward to the day your poor company shut...

Carpet delivery and fitting

I am completely frustrated and feel appualed with the service from SCS.

We were due delivery and fitting on the 21/1/20 this day was delayed till 24/2/20. We received a call about the delay a few days before and was given no indication how long the delay was for.

The fitter arrived on the 24/01/20 and informed me two rooms would be fitted however the remaining areas would not due to damaged carpets.

All carpets were removed for the fitting therefore floorboards were left exposed with grips and I have a young family.

A date was arranged by SCS after I physically went to the store to demand an update. The store informed me there was a miscommunication therefore the next date was the 14/02/20.

On the 14/02/20 the fitter was sick.

After I initiated contact again with SCS a date of 28/02/20 was given.

I contacted SCS on the 28/02/20, SCS provided me with the fitters contact details. He was supposed to call before 11am to confirm the fitting. I initiated contact, he advised me he would call after 2pm to arrange fitting. I attempted to contact the fitter three times after 2pm no answer. I called SCS; they advised the job will be completed before 8pm. I received no further contact and the carpet is still not fitted.

I am deeply disappointed, frustrated and shocked by my experience. I wish I had never parted with my money . My home is not habitable for my two young children, and SCS couldn't care less.

  • Jo
    Johnsonplus Mar 27, 2020

    ScS are a very bad company i have been having problems for a year now sofas sagging when just one month old, carpets shrteading holes appewring every where, when you contact them you are on hold fof hours and then they hang up, email themm ignore you send recorded letters ignore you, when you do get to eventualy talk to someone from ScS they say we will get back to you they never do, take them to court money claim online talk to c&b trading standards that is the only way these unefical people will respnd to you they are like criminals in suits offering you coffe on the day you purchase. OVOID AT ALL COSTS UNLESS YOU WANT CHEAP INFEARIA CARPETS SOFAS AND LOADS STRESS TO GO WITH IT.

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Problems with sofa

I have experienced several issues already with my sofa's, after only receiving them 2 weeks ago.

Firstly, I would like to put a complaint in regarding delivery. I was told the sofas were to be delivered within a week of the warehouse receiving them. I booked the following week off work to ensure I was available for the delivery, to then be told the sofas would not be delivery for a further 2 weeks. I expressed my concern as i would of lost out on a weeks wage and still not received any sofa, to be confronted by an extremelly rude and unhelpful member of staff, who basically said there was nothing they could do. I did not have any response after this, so again had to chase up my order to be told the date had been changed. I have now received the sofa after much stress, confusion and complete unprofessionalism from your company. They were eventually delivered on 12th February 2020.
Secondly, I received a copy of my guarantee by email after delivery. In the store, when I purchased my sofa, I was told the sofa would be treated for protection against staining but my guarantee says my sofas are untreated. I am extremelly disappointed as this was a major selling point for me, had I known they were untreated I would of gone to a different company. Myself and my girlfriend were present when I purchased the sofa and we were both assured they would be treated before delivery. I would like to know why this was not done and how we are going to resolve this matter?
Thirdly, I have not used the sofas very much as of yet, but the few times i have sat on them, there appears to be dark marks on the cushions after every time someone sits on them. We have tried plumping the cushions up, brushing the material to ensure it wasnt just pattern and checked clothing and these marks are still apppearing. I am extremelly annoyed as I paid a lot of money for these sofas and for them to be getting marked for no reason already, i feel is outragious.

I would like someone to come back to me as soon as possible with an answer and resolution to all 3 of my complaints. I would like a partial refund due to poor service, no treatment on sofas resulting in marks on my sofas. Also I would like someone to contact me with regards to what I can do next to resolve the issue with markings on the cushions.
My guarantee number is [protected]

I hope to hear from you soon.

Robert Birt
57 Kinnerton Way, Exwick, Devon, EX4 2BL

Freya Corner Sofa /customer service

I purchase the above sofa at the beginning of the new together with carpets and underlay I waited on the lines several times around 55-minute wait each time and on some occasion...

Sofa feet were missing

Order number
I recieved my sofa on the 12th feb 20, with in 30mins i called customer services to advise the that the feet were missing. The delivery team were so fast to put it in, take the cover off it, and asked me to sign for delivery, which i did, as they were walking down the path i noticed the feet were missing, i got my shoes on to run out to ask them to come back. They had just got into their lorry, i was waving to them, but they drove off. i can't say for certain that they had noticed me.
Upon checking my emails, i noticed that i had recieved an email from yourselves on the 21st Feb, staiting that you had contacted the manufacturers, and that the feet would take between 2-4wks. So yet another delay, ive just been on the phone to a customer service ??? lady called Ann, who just kept repeating that she can only appologise for the delay of 2-4 wks, and that it's not your fault, it's the manufactures fault, that they had sent it without the feet, and that wasn't ScS's fault ?? Then who's fault is it ?? Because it's certanly not mine !
I purchased it from ScS, i'm your customer, not of someone who is sat at a machine producing the goods on your behalf.
Ann, repeated this to me several times, and to be honest yes i was getting annoyed with her, because she wasn't actually listening to what i was telling her. I wanted to know why i'd only just got this email, she replied that, that's when the manufacturers were told about the missing feet ?? So it's taken from the 12th feb to the 21st of feb just to ask or send the manufacturers a request. It's only the feet for a sofa, they arn't having to make the sofa all over again. I'm sure that the feet are ordered in bulk, by the manufacterers, they can't keep producing one set of feet per unit sold, it just doesn't make sense .
Customer care ( Ann ) kept repeating that it's not your fault, and it's the way your company deals with this type of complaint. When i rang on the 12th, the lady who appologised for the inconvenience that it had caused, and that I would receive the feet within 2wks, and they would come and fit them for me. I accepted that. But Ann has told me that the feet will come directly to myself, then the onus is on me to ring up again and make an a further appointment for them to come and fit the feet for me, if I can't find someone to fit them for me.?? Again, i'm having to do the chasing ? Please explain to me why it isn't your responsibility as a company why it's the customers job to put right what your company have done wrong. Surely as a huge company like yourselves, you would check all the goods that are sent to you via any manufacture, before they are sent to the customer. Your customer !! and I am your customer, not the manufacturers, therefor it's your responsibility to make sure your customers are happy, and they don't receive faulty goods. I do understand that there will be a few miss apps, and it's upto the customers themselves to follow up with a simple phone call, and for your customer service to explain why, and that it will be put right. Indeed that's why I didn't complain any futher. I also asked her for the manufacturers number, also for the name of the manufacture, I believe she said it was Leevus, she said that customers aren't allowed to call them direct, So I asked her to call for me, and she said she wasn't allowed either, so who is ??
Ann, kept talking over me to, and that in itself can be very annoying. I asked her to put me through to a manager and she refused, saying that he would say the exact same thing as she is telling me. I asked her three times that i'd like to speak to a manager, on the 3rd time, she put me on hold, I have no idea if she had even spoke to a manager, frankly I don't believe that she did, because yet again, she said that his advice was exactly the same as her advice, I told her that I wanted to talk about her conduct to him to, and she still said that nothing was going to change.I asked for her managers name, she said Shaun. Over the years I've spent a lot of money with your company, if there was an issue, I had great confidence that the matter would be dealt with prompt and without any stress at all.It was less than 10mths ago that I purchased, another sofa, a cuddle chair and footstool to match, to go to my house in Lemmington Spa. I update furniture around every 3yrs, in all my properties. I will no longer use ScS because of the way I've been treated by ScS this time round. I will be taking my business to another company from now on. I will also be advising family and friends on this matter. I've been made to feel as if I am in the wrong for asking ScS to be quicker with their mistake, that they had passed onto myself to chase because it's to much of an inconvenience for customer services to listen, and to help by making simple calls to whom they blame for the faulty goods, purchased by the customer, through ScS, and then states as it's not their fault ??? The customer who purchases from any company, surly it's the company who you purchase from is responsible for making sure the goods are fit for purpose.
I will be seeking advice on this matter, as to what i'm entitled by law to ask for. I'm sure that you wouldn't want this matter to go any further, as I want to sort it out to. Unfortunately, I will not be ordering again, after around 30yrs of my using ScS as my favorite furniture company. So many changes over the years, and you have to accept them, but not the way I've been treated over my last purchase, I've always paid cash up front to.
Regards :
Julia Bailey.

  • Jo
    Johnsonplus Mar 27, 2020

    ScS are churning out very poor quality furtniture and carpets very low quality if you are in the industry or have family who are in the know trade you would now ScS sell cheap crap and treat customers even worse to none exsistate thier customer services are a joke and on a scale of 0 if you buy from these people at ScS you are buy cheaply made furniture inflated in price reduced in the SALES SO YOU THE CULABLE CUSTOMER FAILS FOR THIER TRICKS, like the old saying a fool and thier money are soon parted.

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endurance sofa

121369 I sent this to you originally on Tuesday but have had no reply. Thought I would resend incase you haven't seen it yet. Hello, I complained re above, to you in 2017...

Furniture Lucca Leather Sofas — 4 +3 seater lucca leather sofas

659759 Hi bought 4 seater and 3 seater lucca leather sofas bought in January 2017 delivered in April 2017 and been having problems since the day they arrived scratch on leg and arm leg...

endurance range

i purchased a sofa with chaise bit and a cuddle chair with footstool, i first ordered these in the burgundy and the leather all started coming away with in months, they decided to rplace it for me as i too had the extra insurance, i decided on the same set but changed the colour to black. i have this set for around 4/5 years but complained in september about the so called leather actually peeling off. i sent photas to scs and they said they would get back to me within 7 days bearing in this in mind this is september 2019, today january 8 2020 some body rang me up to say they could offer me £350 off something else in the store but that they would have to take my sofa away. today i also found out the endurance range is not even leather yet i was told it was leather
this is simply not exceptable


I purchased carpets for all of my upstairs in Jun 18.I noticed in November 19 that my carpet was falling apart starting to get holes.Then i moved my daughters bed to find the carpet had come up.Called SCS and they said a inspector would be out to have a look.He looked took photos etc and told me that i should not worry they would be all replaced to avoid it happening in other rooms. Then a week before christmas another inspector comes rips my carpet up and has a look and agrees it needs replacing and to phone after christmas.I phone them today to be told they will not be replacing as its not a manufacture fault even though the guy told me they will be replaced.Apparently in the reports there is nothing of replacement. I really don't need this stress as i am suffer with fibromyalgia and a mental health.I am also disgusted the way i have been treated and the quality of the carpet that been sold to me as it was not cheap.


carpet delivery

Sent an email to David Knight and still no response!!! Dear Mr Knight

Out of sheer frustration I am writing to you due to the complete incompetency of your company and customer service we have received.

Your SCS Company Statement reads


This has not been the experience we have received!!!

On the 17 November my partner Mr Freddie Osborne and I went in to your shop in Beckton to purchase a carpet as your advertisement on the TV said order now and the carpet will be delivered before Christmas (this is false advertising from our experience). We spoke with Michael Lascelles who on the surface seemed a very genuine sales person. I am a Director of Sales and understand the sales process and closing the deal etc. Eventually we chose a carpet Adelphi Silver £10.99 per sqm and paid £250 in order for the surveyor (William Foulstone) to come and measure the areas for the carpet. We asked several times if the carpet would be laid by Christmas as we have family coming over, some from Australia and we were reassured that it would! We were then asked we had to pay another £100 so that they could go ahead with the order, which we did.

We were advised that this William would phone the night before to confirm his appointment which was for Wednesday 20 November, he did not call to confirm however, he did turn up and took the measurements. We then paid the balance of £1028. Delivery and fitting of the carpet was confirmed for 05 December (I have an email confirming this). My partner and I worked hard to take up the carpet and underlay, we are not young people, my partner is 77 and I am 64 years of age. We also had to roll the carpet, secure it plus the underlay and take down 2 flights of stairs to be taken away. Before you ask why we did it ourselves, the cost to have this done by the carpet layers was far too expensive. We were then contacted 24 November to be told that the carpet we had chosen was no longer available. We had to chose another carpet which the shop assistant (Dave) said was more expensive but he would give us this at the same price as the original choice. We chose Bermuda Polish Silver and the fitting was booked for 05 December (confirmed by email).

Again, we were told that the carpet fitter would call us to confirm what time he would be coming, his name was Gary Sheehan, he did not call, I sent 2 emails to the Beckton shop as each time I called your customer service in Sunderland a) I was on hold for over 20 minutes each time b) they were not very helpful - very apologetic but not helpful and had no authority to make a decision so a complete waste of time. We waited and waited on 05 December and guess what, it didn't arrive, what a surprise!!! Eventually, we were told that the carpet was not at the warehouse for whatever reason, no one could give us an explanation. They hadn't even bothered to call us to advise that the fitting would not be happening - great customer service. It's not our responsibility was what came across and patronising. We were then promised that the carpet would be delivered and fitted on 12 December (I have email confirming). We had no choice but to wait, at least it would give us a week or so to put our house back in order. So for a week we have had to live in our home with no carpeting and bags of clothing and household goods piled up as we could not bear to put it all back only to take it out again. Just for your information, my partner had a heart attack last September and I don't want him having another due to the stress of all this upheaval. Your customer service said that they would ask the Beckton shop to call us to offer some compensation as I had to take a day off 05 December, no call came, why was I not surprised as this is par for the course as far as SCS is concerned.

So, now we have had a call today from your Sunderland customer service to inform us that the carpet is not ONCE AGAIN in the warehouse so will not be fitted on 12 December. WELL DONE SCS YOU HAVE EXCEEDED ALL EXPECTATIONS. Oh, but we can have it laid mid January!!! We are speaking to the SCS Beckton shop manager of the furniture department?????? He is doing his best to assist he has said there are no notes on your system and he can see that the fitting is arranged for tomorrow, we explained that Sunderland have just called us and are wanting the shop to sort out this mess. We have said we are wanting a full refund by close of business today, but, he has said that he is not authorised to do this. It is not acceptable, you have let us down several times and we are having to wait to be paid back after you have broken the agreement to deliver and fit our carpet TWICE. PLUS, we will have to cancel our family coming to us for Christmas, thank you SCS.

We await your response as soon as possible.

Guess what people, the inute we got our money back we had a call that very night to say that they Tcould deliver the carpet on 20 December. Would rather stick pins in my eyes than deal with SCS EVER AGAIN!!!

The Company must be making so much money that they cant be bothered to respond, they are shameless.

We found a company C&G Carpets in Tilbury that took our order on the Monday, measured up on the Wednesday and fitted the carpet on the Sunday and we saved £500! Use this company they are brilliant.

Reading the reviews think we had a lucky escape, wonder what trading standards would think of their advertising and behaviour.

poor quality carpeting and poor customer service

SCS A SHARE &SONS Customer No: S1083429169 Firstly I am rejecting offer of Replacement I want a Refund. After months my replacement carpet was finally recognised as defective...

bristol cribs branch scs

Hi we ordered a carpet from bristol branch scs on sept 28 th our fitting of carpet was booked for november we never recieved our carpet as they kept cancelling our fitting date...


I placed order for carpets on 03/11/2019 on placing order was asked what fitting day we required.we agreed 25/11/2019.on 25/11/2019 our carpets did not appear and weren't received...


Horrible experience with scs branch at staples corner.
Been six months since order placed and still no sign of fitting the carpet.
Made several complaints over the phone and emails but no response.
They have no fitters to do the job and keep taking new orders without the ability to fulfill them.
5 separate dates arranged and they never turn up without any explanation.
The managers are not interested in resolving and just keep on making they cannot keep and after 6 months or order we still are without carpet.
Absolutely the worst experience of retail in my life.!!
Avoid them like the plague


121369 Hi, I would like to complain about carpet that we purchased from SCS. We have recently purchased a sofa on finance and as agreed it was delivered in 4 weeks, part of the deal...

delivery and finance

We ordered our sofabed on 18/08/19 there were problems in store with the iPad the order was placed on so they had to hand write us a sales document. We received a call saying they...

carpet - s0058 - 4163123

We ordered 2 new sofas & a carpet in October 2019 & was told that the carpet would be fitted on Saturday 2nd November. I emailed the store as couldn't get through by phone, to try...


We ordered our sofa and when it arrived it had a hole in it and the patterned top was wrong! we were advised by delivery team that they would send photos and the suite would be replaced, I rang the after sales who said the pictures were blurry so hadn't auctioned them so we would have to send new ones after a week of hearing nothing I rang again to be told they had just passed the hole onto a technician to look at but the other photos sent on the same email couldn't be seen so we would have to once again resend them, another week later I have rung to be told they have just sent them to a technician to review and could take up to a week 😡
There is always another reason why they can't resolve issues at the end of the day they have supplied a damaged item Thad doesn't match the order so it should be replaced not reviewed over and over

delivery of a sofa

Hello, I was told when I purchased the order on the store and paid that the delivery will take 2-3 weeks, After 5 weeks I received a call from the Delivery company that the Sofa...

order no. s0012-4093230

On the 11th August 2019 I bought a sofa, dining table and a coffee table, i was told it will be a maximum of 6-8 weeks for delivery. I went in store on the 20/10/209, i was promised by the manager that he will ring me the next day for an update, I still have had not phone call informing me of a delivery date. I will be cancelling the order if i do not receive the furniture by the end of the week.

My telephone number is [protected].

Nazrin Hanif


Don't buy a carpet from this company! They fitted the wrong carpet on the wrong day over a month ago and the issue is still not sorted! State they are waiting to hear from manufacturer but was told we would be contacted at the latest last Friday. When contacting again today they were rude and abrupt. No apology offered. Rude and unhelpful customer services! Will be getting legal advice and going to trading standards!!!

carpet fitting.

Our complaint is in respect of poor carpet fitting. My mother has contacted this branch of SCS, a number of times, speaking to numerous individuals regarding this matter. Not one...

in store service

After a fault developing in a leather suite we purchased we were informed that SCS are no longer using the manufacturer and they would replace the suite. We were told that someone...

customer service

I purchased a table & 4 chairs from SCS at Beckton East London, i asked for the order to be kept until after 13th October 2019 when i returned from holiday, ok they said and just...

unfinished carpet fitting

Chose and paid for new lounge carpet around March 2019, fitters arrived with carpeton april11th, very quick to fit carpet but didn't have long enough strip to finish the job...

corner sofa

Never ever buy a sofa from SCS! We have had the worst experience! First of all, all of their staff members are rude! Their delivery drivers are useless! Delivered half the couch into the living room and the other half to the garage!! We then got it together to find a rip in one of the cushions! Phoned about this and 2 MONTHS later we are still waiting for this cushion to be replaced! My emails have been ignored for over a month now i phoned to be told ' the cushions on back order what do you expect? Your welcome goodbye' and hung up on! Bet if we didnt pay for it or missed a payment theyd be quick enough to get in touch!!!

hole on sofa

we bought a sofa from you on the 16/03/19. a month later, there was a damaged spring on the sofa. we phoned up and somebody came out to look at the sofa and he said it was the manufacturer fault. we were told that the aftercare team will sort it out. we have continuously phoned them up but they keep saying they are waiting for the parts to come in. nobody seems to help us. every time I phone them up they never answer my calls or phone me back.
thank you


Be aware if you pay for things at their store and others alike. The salespeople will not read out nor give you the T&C (Terms & Conditions) before you purchase. As soon as you...

3 seater endurance leather sofa and chair

I purchased an Endurance Leather 3 seated sofa and 1 chair fron SCS Aintree Liverpool in 2014, l live on my own. This so called Leather furniture is peeling and splitting in...

endurance sofa

121369 I bought a endurance sofa in 2015 took out cover for it and insurance. Recently both sofa, s have developed a bad case of peeling and a problem of feeling wood a springs threw the...


Got my carpets fitted today and they have fitted the wrong colour in my bedroom. Complete imbeciles. How you can fit the wrong colour when the entire upstairs is the same colour is beyond me! I'm paying an absolute fortune for these carpets and they go and do this! Then they tell me that it will take three working days before they even looked at the pictures I have to send, then they'll order the carpets! Absolute joke! I'm fuming!

scs lvt flooring

I ordered lvt based on a picture advertised on scs website but once I recieved it, the colour wasn't right. I got kn touch with the store I bought it from they referred me to head office. I dealt with head office for a over a week sending emails, photos and calls every day. They then advised me that the manufacturer rejected my claim and referred me back to the store who refused to accept responsibility or take action.

scs lvt flooring

  • Mi
    Michelle Bagnall Jul 27, 2019

    Absolutely disgraceful!! Bought a sofa before Xmas 2018. On delivery on 11/12/18 we thought it looks really nice.
    After one week the seat cushions were flat and uneven, even after plumping them daily. SCS sent out their upholstery guy who said it was our fault as they were not dressed enough??? Scs refused to acknowledge the problem and that was that. In March the seats were shockingly uncomfortable and beating the cushions into shape was now injuring my back (not as young as I was). Once again sent out their guy. He said the cushions needed more filling and yet went back and reported to SCS they were fine!! 😡 Now it’s July and they are saggy and uneven. SCS don’t want to know apparently it’s all my fault. Seeking legal advice is all I can do now. I cannot keep beating up the seats as I now have a seriously bad back. DO NOT BUY FROM SCS!! Save your sanity and your back and go somewhere else.

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cancelled flooring order because of ridiculous course of events

Ordered carpet and furniture and was eventually given delivery dates, which were fine.Salesman visited, was told be longer lead time as needed 5 M width, revised dates .Was told revised dates but was phoned after two weeks would be longer still...getting angry now. Was given new dates but they wanted to deliver furniture before carpet, no way. Given revised dates, week later was told be longer still, would I like to choose another carpet NO00000000000000000.Waiting again.Got phone call from delivery driver "We are outside your door with your furniture"GGGRRR, cant take, carpet 1st please.
Its Saturday now before delivery dates of Monday carpet, Tuesday furniture WAY!Phone goes, its SCS!!! Cancel carpet delivery they need another month!!!
Attended store and told manager what to do with the carpet order and could he compensate in some way?? How about a leather cleaning kit for the furniture? Offered NOTHING, REFUSED
DISGUSTING CUSTOMER SERVICE, INADEQUATE STAFF SCS could be initials for something very rude...Anyway moving on...


I have waited 5 months on a sofa which they have promised weekly for 6 weeks will be delivered. Ordered february 3rd to be delivered to new house a few days after 17th may. Noone can locate my sofa or give me a delivery date. Even tho i have called every week for 6 weeks. Even the chief executive has ignored my email. Noone can help or resolve my issue

customer care

Hi there,

I would like to put a complaint about the aftercare team as I am not happy with the way my case has been dealt with. I have waited nearly 2 weeks with no communication regarding my damaged sofa and when I contacted scs the adviser was rude and showed no interest. I received a email saying I would hear from scs within 3 to 5 working days and I waited over 1 week and then I contacted the store who were very helpful and send a email regarding my call to the aftercare to contact me and again I had to make the call 4 days later as still no communication. When contacting today I was told I would now have to wait another 24hrs to speak to someone.

I am not happy with this result please Can you let me know I can go about returning the sofa.

Look forward to hearing from you

Kelly Burns


I purchased a sofa about 2 years and the arm has given way surly it should last longer than this . We don't have young kids that sit on the arms my husband felt it go when he leaned on it . And he isn't a big man . This sofa coat over 1k . Our last sofa lasted over 10 years . Would this be covered on some sort of warranty . Very disappointed in the durability

your endurance sofa is rubbish and so is your compensation

I have had our 3 piece suite for 6 years and the top layer is peeling away. I've sent photos and the sofa has been acknowledged as poor enough to need replacing by SCS (apparently you're not doing these anymore which says a lot) but we were initially offered a derisory £179 in store credit (how do you replace with that?!) followed by equivalent in cash as a "final offer" by your Warrington store manager.
Re-covering quote alone is £400 but you are adamant that your offer is acceptable given how long we have had it? I've had a previous leather sofa for over 15 years and that didn't ever wear like this has. How is your offer acceptable?
Quite frankly won't be touching SCS with a barge pole after this. I have so far refused to agree that this final offer is acceptable and have now been told it was a "goodwill gesture" (what? For selling me shoddy merchandise?) and I have 3 months to confirm.

your endurance sofa is rubbish and so is your compensation


I went into store and placed an order on a sofa, the service in store was good and no problems. As I wanted to take out finance on the sofa, i was led into another room with a member of staff to go through all of the finance details and to make sure i was accepted - which i was! There was only 1 issue when going through the finance, I wanted the sofa delivered to an alternative address not the address in which i live at, in all fairness the lady that was dealing with me wasn't sure if she was able to do this and went and double checked with her manager in which he said this was fine and yes it could be done. I asked more than once if they were sure and that this definately wouldnt go to my address and they reassured me that all would go to the correct address.

On the day of delivery I had a call at 7:30am telling me that they would be with me within the hour, 8:45am still no sign of them so i called back the number of the delivery guy that rang me, he told me that he was outisde the address and there was no answer, when i asked which address he was at he told me the current address of where i live(NOT THE ADDRESS WHERE IT WAS MEANT TO BE DELIVERED). The delivery guy then told me that the sofa would be taken back to the warehouse and that it wouldnt be delivered today and that i would have to pay more to have it re-delivered. He said that the current address was the only address they had on their system and they have never been able to deliver to an alternative address so he didnt know why the store even said that they could. He then told me that there was nothing more that he could do and this was now between the store and me!
I contacted my partner(who was waiting at the address where it was meant to be delivered) also it was her number that the delivery guys should of been ringing to arrange, but they never! She tried to ring the store but it didn't open until 10am. When she finally got through and explained all of this to the manager that day he collected all of our paperwork and rang my partner back - he said that this was a store fault, they had not updated the system with the correct delivery address and they also had the number they were supposed to contact for delivery wrong!
He sorted it so it was delivered but not until around 3pm that afternoon and only because I told him I was going into store if it wasn't delivered on that day!
The attitude on the delivery guys were shocking and even put the phone down on me one time, and our whole experience with SCS has been unsatisfying to say the least - to the point where to be honest we just wanted to cancel our whole order and go elsewhere!

  • Updated by ZoeT1993 · May 16, 2019

    bad sales

g plan recliner sofa

Hi. I have tried to contact by telephone to no avail. I purchased a three seater electric recliner in June 2018 along with a non recliner chair. The furniture is by G Plan. We paid over 3.000 for this and less than twelve months later the cushions on the seats have gone very soft and are not supportive as would even expected. I would like someone to come out and look at the sofa please. I would have expected much better from a G Plan sofa and hoped it would last at least 3 to 5 years.

Regards Mrs Pennington