Conns Home Plus / maytag washer

I purchased a washer and dryer set. They were delivered on may 29th. Four days later I went to use the washing machine for the 1st time and it did not work. The latch would not lock. They delivered a defective washing machine to me. I contacted them immediately and informed them and they told me that I would have to get it serviced. I told them I did not want to pay for a defective washing machine. I purchased a brand new washing machine with the belief that it was in working order as expected. Conns refused to exchang the product and told me that I have to get it serviced. A serviceman came and told me that the entire control panel is defective and needs to be replaced. I once again called conns and informed them that they delivered to me a defective product and once again ask them to exchange it. They refused.

Jun 09, 2018

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