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Conn's / customer service - lack of

1 Burleson, TX, United States Review updated:

Please do NOT purchase any goods from Conn's - I wish I had read all of the complaints and the BBB file, prior to making our purchase, so please consider this a WARNING! Conn's has received, over the last three years, in excess of 1500 complaints to the Better Business Bureau in Beaumont, TX. Additionally, simply google "Conn's" and you will find a host of horror stories posted online at consumer awareness sites.
Simply put, Conn's sold us a broken 50" Plasma screen TV. When we arrived to pick it up, employees brought the TV out from the back (incidentally, it took 4 days and three visits just to finalize the transaction). The box, containing the TV, was badly damaged. We were assured by three Conn's employees that they had checked the TV and found it to be free of damage, but if WE found damage or the TV to be defective, we could simply exchange it - they made it quite clear that they were aware of the damage to the box and would quote, "take care of us", if we found anything wrong with the TV. One of the employees was actually an Assistant Store Manager and he provided additional assurance that we would be able to return the TV without difficulty.
First mistake, we BELIEVED the employees and took the TV home on good faith.
Fast forward, we open the box, find that the TV has two large cracks in the TV panel and is completely inoperable. We call the store and the nightmare begins.
#1 - Four calls over three days to the Burleson Store Manger went unreturned
#2 - After three days, finally speak to the Manager. He states his employees furnished us with bad information and that he could not exchange the TV without authorization from "repair". I advised the Manager that the TV had never been used and that this was not a "repair" problem. It should be a RETURN (note: we were within the 10 day return timeframe outlined on the receipt). The manager stated that was all he was willing to do and hung up the phone. I called back and asked for his supervisor's contact information. He stated he did not have a supervisor and hung up a second time.
#3 - Sent three written emails to Customer Service at the corporate office - NO RESPONSE
#4 - Call the corporate "Customer Service" Contact listed with the BBB in Beaumont - NO RESPONSE
#5 - Called corporate customer service, was advised that the only assistance they could provide was to fill out a "complaint worksheet" and have a manager return the call. The rep went on to say, and I quote, "they get so many of these a day that we cannot guarantee a call back anytime soon". CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? And, true to her word, NO RETURNED CALL.
#6 - Called the "service center" to schedule a "repair" appointment for damaged TV. Employee told me that she would send a technician out, but that she could, and again I quote, "tell me what they were going to say...that we had damaged the TV on the way home and that it would not be repaired or replaced". I was absolutely appalled - I explained to this particular employee that the box was notably damaged AT THE STORE and that STORE EMPLOYEES had acknowledged the damage prior to our transporting the TV the 2 miles home. Furthermore, that the STORE EMPLOYEES had LOADED and TIED down the television & refrigerator (yes, we also bought a refrigerator from these people - hope it doesn't break). Upon this realization, she said she would send someone out to look at our television.

To date, no one has looked at our television. We cannot reach anyone from the store level up through the corporate level that will assist us. All of our previous communication attempts have gone unanswered. The employees we have spoken with are flat rude and being that I've spoken with employees at the store, the corporate office, and the service center - all three seperate locations, I have to conclude that this is Conn's Culture. All of the employees were equally unhelpful, insulting, and incompetent.

Conn's is what it's name indicates " A CON!!!" - all of the self-imposed customer service standards are simply a front. Conn's does NOT stand behind the merchandise it sells or the promises it makes to attract your business. Steer clear - the small savings is definately not worth what you'll lose in time, money, and sanity, should you ever experience a problem with your product.

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      24th of Feb, 2009
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    I wento to Conns to get a T.V advertised in the paper for 799.00 said come get it Wednesday I did they did not have in stock so I recvd a call a week later they had a Toshiba 42" for the same price come pick it up well the Sales person stated we are out after calling me to pick up the T.V called Corporate I was transferred and hung up on twice..Whom ever is running Corporate needs to be fired he has ruined Conns name by his bad management of the the Cons Corporation.. I called asked for the Manager at Conns location on Gulf Freeway he said he would take care of it not to mention pay attention to your contract they added all kinds of insurance to it after I said I did not want Insurance.

  • Bs
      19th of Nov, 2009
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    Well one of these days I'm going to look up a companies business practices before I buy from them, So Here I am at this site finding out that I'm not alone. I've been a customer of Conn's for about 4 years spent a lot of money with them although this is the first time I've gone through this debocale, I bought my 3d PC from them and thus my problems have started, after say 3 months with my NEW PC it would not come on took it back to the store I purchased from (Addison TX) and they sent it to their service department, after 4-5 days they called and said it was ready and it was the video card, picked it up (without complaining) took it home and after about 3 weeks would not come on again! I took it back this time I asked if it breaks again what's the process, the guy at the counter said usually 3 times and we replace it, OK so I get a call back in 2-3 days it was the video card again I take it home and 3 weeks later it crashes! I took it to their service center in Carrollton and told the guy I DON''T WANT THIS BACK I WANT A NEW ONE! he calls later in the afternoon to tell me it was the hard drive this time and ALL OF MY VALUABLE information was lost, but we've ordered a new hard drive and I said that's fine but I DON'T WANT IT BACK I WANT A NEW ONE, the guy said it's up to the service manager and when I talked to him the manufacturer told him they will replace the hard drive. Well I called HP and they told me that they prefer to work on their own equipment as there tech's are certified also they only had a record of 2 break downs. Here's the Kicker; Conn's never tells you if you take a PC to them to be fixed it does not get the manufacturers to stand behind their determinations and I should have sent it to them for the PC to have an accurate record of it's problems. So here I am joining the disgrunteled and wishing I NEVER BOUGHT ANYTHING FROM CONN'S and I've spent over $10, 000.00 in purchases, never missed a payment even making double payments for the last 4 years! you'd think someone would look at my customer history and think; Hey we've got a GOOD CUSTOMER HERE MAYBE WE SHOULD TRY AND KEEP HIM SATISFIED! TO ALL WHO READ THIS; BEWARE!

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