Con Edisoncustomer service

Some of Con Edison representatives and supervisors are definitely out to lunch. I've called multiple times asking certain questions and the rep doesn't explain or answer my question so I ask for a supervisor...always without fail...a supervisor will call u back they never ever call back. After never receiving a call call...they say well it's not in your notes that a supervisor was suppose to call...that is so unprofessional! Example, I wanted to know why my bill went from $88 to $214 within a month (in the winter) when I live in a small they try to say because we got an accurate meter they canceled the original bill without letting me know after I had already paid it...they said they sent me a knew bill which I never received. To make matters worse some of them never listen they talk right over you...unless you raise your voice and use curse words. Then they say cursing isn't necessary...I say well listen to me and stop trying to talk over me. They are very unprofessional! If there was another power company in New York...I would switch in a flash...and I'm sure others would agree by the reviews I have read.

Jan 10, 2017

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