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I signed up for Comcast Triple play in May of 2010. I did not receive my 200 gift card from Comcast. I contacted Comcast numerous times and was told on 4 seperate occassions the following.

1. I need to be on the program for at least 3 months before they could send me a gift card.
2. Three months later I called and they say I should be recieving it 2--5 days within the mail
3. They said I would receive the gift card 1 to 2 weeks .
4. Time I called they said I was not eligible for the gift card, because I had a previous promotion with Comcast.

I called on Saturday and wanted to speak with the manager ...who never returned my phone call.
Comcast made me believe if I got their triple play plan I would receive a $200 gift card for trying their service.
I was never informed of any problems with my account.

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  • Jo
      Nov 23, 2010

    I was in same boat. Ordered service end of May for start on 6/26/10. HD Premier XF Triple Play w/ HBO, Starz, Cine, Show, Sports Package; includes HD & DVR, On-Demand. 159.99 x 12 months then 174.99 x 12 months. $200 Visa Gift Card as promo. Told would have gift card 16 weeks after installation. Explanation was to ensure 3 billing cycles of good account status and no stoppage of services as well as 4 weeks process time. I spoke with them in September to verify and they did.

    I had not heard or rceived card as of 11/19/10 so I called. I was given rebate center # and I called. They told me they hadn't received anything until 11/11/10 and it would be another 8 weeks.

    I called Comcast today, 11/23/10, to complain and they now say that I refused this deal and they have no record of it. I said "###" the fact that rebate center gave me tracking # and that I am being billed according to promotion speaks for itself. The supervisor then said he could give me $199 bill credit, I said "NO" must be the $200 as promised. He said "I'm only authorized to give $199" I said "I guess you are calling me an idiot" and went on on that topic for 60 seconds. he then said "ok, I'll give you $200 bill credit" Comcast has poor business ethics and even worse customer service.

    I then clarified that I didn't have an agreement, he said yes. So I guess there will be no negative ramifications when I cancel service after 1 year and get Direct TV :)

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  • Mr
      Jan 29, 2011

    I am in the exact same boat. I also signed up in June of 2010. I was told either a$ 200 visa gift card or an ipod touch for the triple play services. I have not been late on a single bill and I keep being told I have to wait longer. The last contact was in nov on the 23rd and they said I should see it in december. Well its the end of jan 2011 and nothing and no contact from them. The worst part is the cable service is horrible. Ondemand never works, limited recording space, choppy reception on channels constantley and goes out more then satellite. Im going back to direct tv!

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  • Su
      Mar 03, 2011

    Hello All, I too have had this issue with Comcast, but I have been able to come in contact with someone that may be able to assist with this issue, send me an email and I can provide you with contact information : [protected]

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  • Ts
      May 18, 2011

    OMG! I am in the same situation! I signed up with Comcast in August of last year. I ONLY did this for the i-pod and guess what??? NO IPOD. Everytime I call they tell me they will have someone call me back and of course I have never heard a word from anyone. I had Direct TV for years and only talked to customer service 2 times (that's right) 2. I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the times I have already fought with Comcast. This was even after it took 6wks to have my service set up correctly at our house. The guy who came out wasn't "qualified" to add the lines for the cable. Should have been a red flag then, lol. Getting ready to return to Direct TV since Comcast says I don't have a 2 year contract (which is what I had signed up for) and Direct TV offers to pay disconnection fees if you are a returning customer. Comcast is such a worthless company. I even have the receipt from installation that states promotion with Ipod.

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  • Ca
      Jun 20, 2011

    I signed up up for the triple play deal for $144.99 and a $200 gift card after "16 weeks" in November 2010... it is now June 2011 and I haven't received anything. I check that BS website when I think of it and it always says "No Record Found". Today I finally called the 800 number on this website and waited on hold for an entire hour... with the recording saying how important this call is to them and please stay on the line. The woman who answered was nice, but I didn't get any more information than the website, she told me they weren't affiliated with Comcast they're just the rebate center, and they haven't received anything from Comcast and I would have to call them... I called Comcast and gave the woman my account number and she said how can I help you, I asked if my account was in good standing... she looked at it and said, "why yes it is, you even have a credit.." I said okay "Where is my $200 rebate, it's been 7 months." She didn't know why I didn't get it and was going to open a ticket to find out why... she told me it would take about 4 weeks... seriously... this is such bull [censored]. They want their fn money every month on time, but they don't keep their end of the deal... I dumping this service. I don't think they've ever given out a gift card, that's just to suck people into their service.

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  • So
      Jun 20, 2011

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  • No
      Jul 20, 2011

    I signed up on the phone for the triple play - asked about the Visa Gift Card - oh yes you qualify. Called - no record of the promo.
    Called again on hold 45 minutes - because I didn't verbally agree to the contract on the phone don't qualify. Absolute bs. They stink as does direct-tv.

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  • Co
      Jul 30, 2016

    Yesterday I spent over 90 minutes on the phone with Comcast trying to get all of my promised $200. pre-paid Visa card from 8 months ago when I signed up with a package promising it. I had found the package online and called to have a customer service rep confirm the $200. gift card and sign me up. This was my third phone call trying to get something that should have been automatically sent out to me after 3 months. In fact I was told it would be automatically issued to me after 3 months. Ten days ago I spoke with someone at Comcast that apologized that I had not received it and told me it would be sent out right away. Well, in about 10 days I received two $50. pre-paid Visa cards. When I tried to spend them I found that I could only use one at a time on a purchase. So they were whittled away in small chunks with small balances left over. But the bigger problem came when I called Comcast back to get the second $100. owed to me in the initial start-up contract. For over an hour with long hold times in between I was literally passed between Comcast Billing and the Comcast Visa Gift Card Redemption Center with both departments telling me that they didn't handle this, I had to talk to the other dept. I clearly articulated my frustration that they were passing me back and forth and eventually a person in the redemption dept stayed on the line with me to see that I got the help I needed from a supervisor back at Comcast. After another half hour the person from the redemption center dropped my call and the supervisor at Comcast central placed me on hold for so long that it was obvious he was not coming back on the line. So after 90 minutes, this is how far I got. Obviously I hung up. I went online to search this out and found literally dozens of threads and hundreds of posts describing very similar, if not identical experiences with Comcast over the Pre-paid Visa promotional offer to get people to sign on to their packages. I would like to see one person who has actually received this card as promised. Otherwise, I can only conclude that this is an utter scam. I would advise people to not expect to receive the card as promised. We had even bumped up the package for which we had signed up to expanded services. I honestly don't know how Comcast, a very large company with shareholders, can get away with this. In the future I would NOT subscribe to Comcast for anything because their scam on this, their dishonest policies and their horrible customer service and follow-up. And seriously, how can the phone employees, who obviously must receive hundreds of these calls all of the time, not see the scam and want to continue working for Comcast?

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