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I had comcast come to my home to install their digital voice system. I already had the DVR, high def package, and high speed internet with them. Why not save some money and get the digital voice as well? I'll tell you why not. It was halloween day [protected]) when the install happened. A young male came to my house with a white van and a comcast logo that had been tossed on the side of the vehicle. He asked me where the high speed internet connection was and if I had a phone jack there. I told him there was no phone jack at that location. He then asked me where the cable and the phone came into the house and I showed him where that was. After a couple of hours he came to me and said that all of the units he had were not the updated version and that he would have to leave and go get the correct one. He left and came back around 3:00 with the "new updated version". A few minutes later he came to me and said that he had figured out the problem. He t0ld me that who ever had installed my alarm system had wired the phone line wrong and needed to know where my alarm system's main box was. I showed him where it was and about 20 minutes later he said the phone was online and we were good to go. After he left I saw that the little green light to my alarm system was not on. I went down to the alarm system's main box and noticed some wires were cut and the backup battery was disconnected. I called comcast and made a claim, had ADT come and repair my alarm system to the tune of about $400. I also got a tracking number for the claim and have called comcast many times and nobody can give me any information on the status of the bill they said would be taken care of. If something doesn't happen soon, I'll start using names.

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  • Ry
      Dec 20, 2008

    It sounds like you had an inexperienced contractor at your house. Comcast has many sub contractors throughout the United States. I happen to work for one here in Washington state with an excellent reputation. As an experienced phone technician, I know that we are instructed to NEVER open the alarm panel. What we need to do our job is not in that box! It seems outrageous to me that some guy would have the nerve to cut ANY alarm company wiring. That is illegal as all hell. We could face prosecution for doing anything like that just as if I had cut an incoming line outside to purposely interrupt service. The alarm company will install a separate phone wire in most cases to the outside phone box (known as the NID) where the landline comes in. It's just a simple matter of getting the dial tone that comes from the back of the Comcast modem to the wire in the Nid. The wire the alarm company installed is for "line seizure" which allows the alarm to dial out even if a phone is off the hook. Sometimes this involves installing our own phone jack in the area next to the modem and then running that line to the NID. Anyone who knows what they are doing is aware of all of this so that guy was out of his league. You have a valid claim against Comcast who will in turn, be sure the contractor is charged accordingly. We aren't all ###s out there in Comcast vehicles, it's just the ones that are that ruin it for us.

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  • Nm
      Dec 23, 2009

    It's obvious the guy was planning to hit your house later if you hadn't noticed he disabled your alarm. Good thing you figured it out before he came back and stole all your belongings. He probably didn't even work for Comcast and had a friend on the inside or was a former employee or any other number of reasons he had resources to do what he did. There's no way Comcast is going to answer you back about someone posing as an employee and is a potential burglar.

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