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Comcast / awful company

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Comcast came out to hook up new service and did the installation wrong. I had a different technician come out to correct the installation, who decided that the original work was a failed installation and wrote on the work order that there was no charge. Then i got a bill for the second installer. I called comcast with my copy of the second work order in hand, on which the technician had written "failed install, no charge". Comcast told me that they had no way to access their own originals and that the only way they could correct my bill was for me to fax my copy of the original to them; it would not work if i copied my copy of the original and mailed it to them with the bill. Furthermore, their local office is only open during hours at which i am at work already. I refused to use my time to fax something to them that they should already have. The result of this will be that have no cable service unless i go thru satellite. At this point that is just fine with me. This is disgusting incompetence on par with recent work (or lack of it) done by our congress.

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  • Va
      26th of Sep, 2008
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    Signed up on prepaid calling over 2 weeks ago, and I still cannot receive calls from the jail facility where my son is at. Called again on 9/22 and again on 9/25, just to be told again that the phone block should be clear within 2-24 hours. I still am worried that it still won't work by tomorrow. The facility I'm trying to get calls from is the Harris County Jail on San Jacinto Road. My phone company is with ComCast. I have explained all this more than once with the pay in advance company.

  • Va
      9th of Oct, 2008
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    My hd feed goes out all the time. When I call, I am on hold for at least 10 minutes (like tonight). When I finally get a customer service rep, I am offered to pay additional money to fix their product which is not working. (HD DVR box) I already pay close to $200 per month for a static-ridden phone, internet, and cable.

    When I DVR shows, I go to watch them only to find out the hd feed was disrupted and they have a messed up picture and bad sound. (I have exact dates when this happened- at least four times). When you call they are incredibly rude and only want to sell you more services.

  • Di
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    So, I'm sure there are several reports on here for the scam artist also known as Comcast. Let me tell you my story.

    My family and I signed up for Comcast's 'triple play'. Phone, internet and cable television. We got a 6 month promotional deal. It was great. We had free on demand, etc. Before our 6 month trial was up, we called them and told them we wanted to down grade our cable to basic only. We didn't want to pay those outrageous prices once the 'promotion' was up. They took the information and confirmed. The next bill we got, they HAD NOT adjusted what we requested. Our bill was for well over $200. We then called Comcast, spoke to a very nice gentleman who apologized and told us to only pay what our new service required. We did that.

    Next month comes along. We get our next bill. Guess what?! Now we have a past due balance of the difference we didn't pay on our last bill. (Because we were told it was their error and we didn't have to) We called again. This time, a very nice woman told us she saw the error, was taking it off of our account and our billing would be right after this. She also saw that we were not on a bundle deal. She told us we should be on this so called bundle deal and readjusted our account.

    Next bill comes. AGAIN we have a past due amount and now it says we must pay in 10 days or our service will be interrupted. Are you kidding me?! We called AGAIN. This time, the gentleman (keep in mind we've now spoken to different people every time we've called) and he said he would adjust it and have a manager call us since we were having such a hard time with our billing. The manager did finally call. 5 days later, on a Sunday night while we were out. No message was left. All we had was an 800 number on our caller ID.

    We called back one last time. This time we were not as pleasant as we had been the previous 4 or 5 times. We didn't get anywhere. It was 'pay the bill or your service will be cut off'. I now owe Comcast over $300.00. Most of this bill is the 'past due' balance for something we never had/have nor will we have in the future. We are going to pay it and then get the hell out of dodge using Comcast. I can't believe 4 different people told us they got the error fixed and each bill after that was never fixed.

    I am so tired of huge empire companies doing whatever they want. I saw a news report about a month ago regarding Comcast. Some poor sole was being charged a $2000 bill by Comcast. WOW. How does this company get away with all of this?! I'm paying for something I never had. Pure profit for Comcast while they run to the bank laughing.

    It sickens me!!

  • Lo
      31st of Mar, 2009
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    Since March 2003 I've been a Comcast customer. I subscribe to the most basic level of service. Note: I do not expect inferior service because of this, but Comcast seems to have a different opinion.

    I have never received the channels Comcast advertises as their 'limited' cable service. I have called several times over the years and have run the gamut from 'Sure, someone will be out there tomorrow' to 'Well, you get SOME channels, right? So, shut up.' Most of the time no one ever shows up for appointments. Once someone did after I blew up, but they restored the cable attachment, not the channels I've been paying for.

    I turned my TV on one day and found the channel replaced by a notice that I would have to call Comcast for a 'digital device' if I wished to retain the channels I had. If I didn't, I would lose even more. I knew this couldn't be the analog-to-digital issue. Afterall, Comcast had been advertising for over a year that if you were a Comcast customer, 'all you have to do is relax' during the swithover that would have everyone non-Comcast scrambling in frantic haste.

    I called. I was told that if I wanted the channels restored to my already truncated service, I would have to pay another $50 a month. I have become partially disabled and unemployed. I can't afford another $50 a month. I was told that in a couple of weeks more channels would disappear and I would be left with channels 2 through 30, but the monthly bill would be about $8. I said I've never had 2 through 30 and have complained about it repeatedly.

    No response.

    I e-mailed a lividly angry missive to Comcast's customer service. The next day the usual chirpy little stooge called and said she'd send someone out to make sure my reception was corrected and she'd credit me the month of May (this is March, now). She touted the skill and knowledge of the rep who would be sent out in an effort to change my opinion of Comcast. 'This will be the best of the best!!!'

    The guy did show up, which is unusual in my experience. He spent 2 hours fussing about as I told him there was nothing wrong with my equipment. He called several colleagues for help, but no one knew what to do. He delved deep into my TV system where I've never gone before. He did find some filters that marked some channels as 'analog' and turned that designation off, but on several, the 'analog' kept returning. Finally he said the problem is a Comcast, not on my end. He did remove all the other channels I'd been warned would go away in April.

    So, he removed more channels than he restored, I still don't have the service I've been paying for for the last 6 years. And, oh yes...I received a bill today for the next month. Not the $8 I was told would accompany my reduced channel lineup (even though the reduced lineup is more than I currently have), but the full price I'd been paying for years and years.

    Comcast should reimburse me for 6 years of faulty service. Will this ever happen? NO! Comcast has provided the worst service for the longest time of any company I've ever been involved with. If I weren't disabled and poor, I'd get DirectTV or the Dish or SOMETHING. Even with the complaints about them, they couldn't be worse than Comcast.

  • Pa
      12th of May, 2009
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    Comcast is the worst for everything that they try to do. Yes very much lack of customer service. They billed me for a service call for the same problem that I have had for 2 years and they can not fix yet. Now I have to have them back out yet again to fix them same problem that they can not and have not been able to fix in 2 years.

  • 7e
      15th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Cable box has been making odd noises, and there where suposed to be here this morning to replace it. After several phone calls the said that the tech would be here by 1:00. Now, as it is 3:00 that he may be here by 5:00. They promised to take a whole $15 buck off my bill for wasting my Saturday!! Still ain't seen nor heard from them!

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