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First of all I placed my order on 02-24-14, it arrived 03-07-14. The total was 106.00 ( US Funds). The website states that the products on the site for sale are authentic coach purses, wallets, etc. They have multiple other brand name products on there for sale as well. When I received my order the bag was fake leather, seem was already falling apart, the coach emblem key chain wasn't even attached. The purse lining was a plastic material of some kind and was barley attached to the purse It didn't even have a registration card, leather stamp emblem on the inside. The outside of the purse had the seams splitting and little tares all around. The wallet was as hard as cardboard and the slots were barley opened enough to put your cards into it. I have tried emailing them (3 times), the telephone number on the shipping receipt is a non working number. ( [protected]).

Mar 8, 2014
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  • Or
      15th of Mar, 2014

    Same thing happened to me. I purchased from -a website they run. They wont give me a refund and told me to "sell it to a family or friend". I really want to track them down for scamming everyone and myself

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  • Gi
      12th of Apr, 2014

    Has anyone had any luck - the product that arrived was not what was described. They wont respond to emails. I am going to report them.

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  • Gi
      12th of Apr, 2014

    oreon what email address or phone number did you use to contact them? i have had no response from the email they sent invoice by. Thank you

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  • Ca
      8th of Dec, 2014

    I am from Australia, received today a bag but certainly not the one I ordered!!
    They sent me a crappy bag, so bad I would be embarrassed to be seen holding the bag.
    They charged my credit card twice the price!!!
    And now trying to contact them on the phone number they wrote on the postage paper... Wrong number.
    I am going to report this fraud to the department of the consumer affairs, please do report them !!!

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  • Em
      6th of Jan, 2015

    Has anyone received their refunds yet? I ordered a pair of shoes as well and they send me another brand instead. So disappointed that I paid $91.17AUD for a fake product. We need to put a stop to this company for scamming innocent people all over the world.

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  • St
      26th of Jan, 2015

    I placed an order at, thinking that I was ordering from UK, I realized my mistake when I was charged from China . Today (25 days after the order) I received a package that I is the same company "shanghai Ze Xi Agel Ecommerce" as I read at the postage, including a cheap plastic shorts instead of the designers item that I paid for 94 GBP . I mailed 3-4 times with no response of course . BE CAREFUL IS A MAJOR SCAM FROM CHINA

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  • Di
      25th of Feb, 2015

    I ordered 2.pairs of converse shoes from and receive the wrong type and size from shanghai Ze Xi Agel Ecommerce. I've tried contacting them from their site, I'll still have my registration login and a copy of the order. The phone number on the delivery slip doesn't work. Their domain is registered but doesn't have any details. There are many complaints on the web around the world about this company.too. how do we get our money back or shut these con-artists down?!!

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  • Sc
      7th of Mar, 2015

    I too have been scammed by Shanghai Ze Xi Agel Ecommerce LTD operating under the website I ordered a pair of shoes and what was sent to me was nothing like the pair I ordered and were plastic crap. I paid $122AUD for the shoes and I am furious. The website was a Canadian website (or so I thought) and they certainly took my money from my account and then sent me a pair of $5 cheap shoes that don't even resemble the ones I bought. These people need to be stopped! How do I notify someone to shut down the website they are operating under? I am a uni student and this is a lot of money for me! These scammers should go to jail as they are technically stealing. I have attached photos. Photo 1 shows the shoes I ordered and photo 2 shows the shoes I actually got. I mean, come on, are they serious!!???

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  • Mk
      14th of May, 2015


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  • Mk
      14th of May, 2015

    shanghai ze xi agel ecommerce and must be reported

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  • Ma
      30th of May, 2015

    The site "" is also connected to "shanghai ze xi agel ecommerce". Obviously they change site names regularly to continue their scam.

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  • Db
      23rd of Jun, 2015

    Hi you guys, I just want to say that I am another of Shanghai Ze Xi Agel Ecommerce Ltd's victims and I have a suggestion about how we can report Shanghai Ze Xi Agel Ecommerce Ltd. I suggest you write both an email and a letter to your nearest Chinese Consulate about Shanghai Ze Xi Agel Ecommerce Ltd. It is a company operating within China and I believe the Chinese take a very harsh view of fraud and corruption. If all of us write in I'm sure action will be taken. Here is a template for the letter if you need help:

    The High Commissioner
    Chinese Consulate

    Dear Sir
    I am writing to you regarding fraud that has been committed against me by a Chinese company Shanghai Ze Xi Agel Ecommerce Ltd. Through the website *** they take orders for sports equipment like shoes and then send fakes. When a customer like me writes to them they refuse to accept returns or to issue a refund. As support for my claim I am including the following:
    • Copy of the order
    • Copy of the delivery receipt showing the company name and origin of shipment Shanghai Ze Xi Agel Ecommerce Ltd. in China
    • Copy of their email refusing to accept returns

    Sir, I hope you will investigate this company that has dozens of fraud complaints against it online and is operating from China. The Chinese are a people who everyone wants to do business with and I'm sure you'll agree companies like Shanghai Ze Xi Agel Ecommerce Ltd must not be allowed to destroy the reputation of Chinese businesses overseas.

    Thank you.



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  • Ra
      21st of Sep, 2015

    This is the website I purchased a coach bag from and for scammed. The bag I got was a cheap plastic bag worth no mote that 5 GBP and I was charged 63.67 GBP for it. Subsequent attempts to contact these people have been unsuccessful and realized that the bag was actually shipped from China by then Shanghai Ze Xi. Can someone please take section and stop these fraudsters!

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  • Cr
      31st of Dec, 2015

    Hi, I also have been SCAMED by Chinese company Shanghai Ze Xi Agel Ecommerce Ltd trough

    I will follow dbe2k advice and I will write to the Chinese consulate.

    I strongly recommend not to buy from this site and also all scammed people to report to a Chinese consulate.

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  • Le
      24th of Jan, 2016

    Looks as though I have been scammed as well...I ordered some Aspella boots and I received a parcel from 'Shanghai Ze Xi Agel Commerce Ltd' with other lace up type ugly boots that I certainly DID NOT ORDER!
    I thought I was ordering from an Australian site and funnily enough, the site selling men's and women's shoes now has another name! I am going to write to the Chinese Consulate AND contact the Commerce Commission about this fraudulent site!

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