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Cabela's Complaints & Reviews

Cabelas, Allen Texas / Employees

texfoxylady9@gmail.com on Feb 16, 2017
I'm a employee at cabelas in Allen texas. I work in the warehouse. I have been in retail for 15yrs before I. Went to work at cabelas. I never in my life had the worst experience in working in retail until I work. You have a lead in the morning and he doesn't even know to treat hi...

Cabela's / Barnett quad 400 avi crossbow

Bobby Wat on Dec 13, 2016
Taking an opposite handed practice shot with a Barnett Quad400AVI crossbow the string injured my thumb on my right hand. The string sliced half of my nail and caused a deep laceration to the tip of my thumb on my right hand. The injury was a fracture to the tip of my thumb and a cut that...

Cabela's / Customer "Service"

Rotten Customer Service on Nov 28, 2016
I placed an order at 10:23am PDT and learned from my mother-in-law that I'd ordered the wrong gloves for my father-in-law. I called customer service at around 2:05pm PDT and was told by the customer service lady that they were only allowed 4 hours to make an exchange after an order wa...

Cabelas / Safety harness

Am_saunders45 on Nov 5, 2016
I buy all of my hunting accessories at cabelas. Drive an hour just to shop there and spend atleast $200 every time I go. Bought the safety harness for women which was $139.99 I wasn't satisfied with it so I tried to bring it back and they would not return it. I just wasted 2 hours of my...

Cabelas / False advertising/won't honor sale price as advertised

Craig Christensen on Sep 7, 2016
On August 25th at 9:00 am I entered the Farmington store in Utah with the intent to purchase a gun safe that was advertised in their Fall Great Outdoor days ad. I had forgot my ad at home so I picked one up at the front of the door to make sure I had the correct sku/upc for the safe so a...

Cabela's / Not impressed

Mell on Jul 29, 2016
I have ordered an item from www.cabelas.ca and later they contacted me a said that my order was on back order because my item was no longer in stock. I really needed the product so I asked the lady on the phone if there was something she could do. She said she'll contact other stores and...

Cabelas / Customer service/Unethical behavior

gagnis on May 9, 2016
I ordered a vortex 6x24x50 pst scope from cabelas. This cost me a pretty penny, it is about a $1000.00 scope so you would assume that they would be pretty diligent about getting the product to me. NOPE they have yet to get the product to me supposedly they shipped it and it arrived but yet...

Cabela's / They do not stand behind what they sell.

Karl on May 3, 2016
I have ordered an item from Cabela's and paid over $250 for it. I was given a 2 year warranty, but when my item broke and I asked Cabela's for a replacement they refused to help and said that they only replace within 90 days! I told them that I had a 2 year warranty, but they really did...

Cabela's / Worst customer service! Refund process is ridiculous!

Shirley Hour on Feb 14, 2016
Your company has the worse customer service I have ever encountered. Return/refund policy system is totally dysfunctional. I will never buy from this company ever again. And I will make sure to let all my friends and family know to never your shop at cabela's! Worse company ever! Took...

Cabela's / Online/customer service

Thomas1966 on Feb 12, 2016
This is not a question, it is a complaint. A few weeks ago I ordered some pants (4 pair). They arrived a week later, 3 pair were the correct size and 1 pair was not. The pants I ordered is for work, so it was important that I received them timely. Unfortunately Cabela's labeled the pants on...

Cabelas / Return Policy

Reviewer35255 on Jan 29, 2016
Recently i placed an order # 234017146 and it shipped directly from frogg toggs. There was no return label in the package so i contacted customer service at cabelas because the waders were too big. I have been wearing hunting waders for over 20yrs and have always worn a size 9, yet these...

Cabela's / Terrible customer service

babels on Jan 20, 2016
Walked into Cabala's in Berlin Ma. Looking to purchase winter boots. Associate walked by me several times without even a glance. I was looking at a boot that is kept out back, not on the sale floor.. I drove quite a way and I had a gift card, so I waited. Associate walks by me to wait on...

Cabela's Inc / Cabela's gift card offer (Cobra Marine Radio)

Reviewer26422 on Dec 18, 2015
I submitted Cabela's Gift Card Offer for purchasing a Cobra MR HH450 CAMO and was supposed to receive a $15 gift card. I submitted the form on 9/18/2015, and have not received the card. I called the number on the form (Cobra-(773)889-3087) and was told the issue was with Cabela's. Cabela'...

Cabelas / Information and details they provided were false

Reviewer52909 on Nov 27, 2015
Please report all unfair credit card practices to the FTC- we have a cabelas visa we have had for a few years and the limit was recently cut in half with no notification and the credit score information and details they provided was false. I've read many reports from others with thi...

Cabela's / Employment

Reviewer57239 on Oct 25, 2015
What kind of a company builds an 82, 000 sq ft building, hires 225 outfitters, stocks the building, then 3 weeks after they open starts laying people off right before the holiday shopping season begins???? 3 weeks to the day that we opened I was allowed to clock in and work for 30 minute...

Cabela's / Order

Stacey w Patton on Oct 14, 2015
I ordered 2 whupping sticks they confirm my order put a pre authorization on my card and confirm they are in stock 12days latter they send email cancelled one and say I never ordered the other one 4days after I place order one was out of stock and charged my card again for29.99 and8.95 for...

Cabelas / Returned product ordered from cabela's sporting goods

Alan - Computer Man on Oct 4, 2015
I ordered a NAV/GPS at Cabela's but I never picked it up. I cancelled the order and I never removed the item from the store. I requested a refund and received a receipt which appeared to be a refund. 36 days later I still had not received a refund. I make 3 phone calls to...

www.cabelas.ca / My items were on back order and the lady didn't know where my order was

Reviewer79186 on Sep 13, 2015
I bought clothes and equipment from online store www.cabelas.ca. I placed the order on 5/9/15 and it stated that the order was in stock. I got the confirmation message that the item would be shipped within 24 hours. But on 10/9 I checked the status and found out that the item was on back...

Cabelas Inc / World's Foremost Bank / Completely in accessible

Bob La Londe on Aug 19, 2015
I just tried to make a payment using my card amd nothing happened. Then I tried on-line and was unable to get past the logon screen before getting a system unavailable message. Then I called and tried the auto attendant which said my CC number doesn't exist. Then I spoke to a person who said they were unable to access anything.

Cabela's Club Credit Card / Enabling Fraud/ Unfair to Merchants

HFCenter on Jun 8, 2015
Company enabling fraud and injuring merchants by not properly reacting to abuse of credit cards. In situation where the company has authorized charges and verified the address through AVS and CVV2 Cabelas World Foremost Bank initiates a chargeback. When the credit card processor supplie...

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