Bass Pro Shops Complaints & Reviews

Bass Pro Shops / in store customer service

Sep 12, 2019

Went to the Bass Pro Shop in Garland Texas today with my wife, at around 2:15, went to purchase a rifle scope & gun case. I went back to the gun section, saw 2 men standing at the counter not being waited on and two employees behind the counter talking to each other. The two men at the...

Bass Pro Shops / what was a golf department.

May 01, 2019

I find it Harder and harder to go into this store due to the changes to departments made almost daily. For a Company that sponsors a very large golf tournament yearly. Not to offer anymore golf equipment in stores in beyond belief. It's not just golf equipment it's all sports. If this wa...

Bass Pro Shops / bass pro shops won't hire me


After a piss poor convention to hire people, and an equally piss poor interview, after 3 months my husband gets a well manicured letter of how the value his interest in working at bass pro shops and how they took every consideration but are not looking to further the job process at thi...

Bass Pro Shops / trash pro shops


I have given my last dime to bass pro aka trash pro shops.. I made the mistake of giving them a lot of my money in the past but will never buy from them again.. I will retire from fishing before spending a penny there. It is bad enough that all of their merchandise is overpriced, about 2...

Bass Pro Shops / bad customer service


Here lately bps employee's customer service has gone down hill!! They need to get a grip on those certain employee's (yes, top dog manager their does no who they are). Either pull em back in there office, give a choice and if they dont follow by it - get rid of em. Or maybe the big dog...

Bass Pro Shops / worst customer service


TOLD me the scope would be mounted on the gun and when I received the gun it was not mounted. Contacted them before I purchased the gun, they sent me an email stating that the scope would be mounted and when I called them back 3 times (to reach the correct person) because it was not... / Stay far away from


I bought my husband a $50.00 gift card for father's day. But at no time was I told that this 50.00 is only worth 40.36 because the site only deals in american funds.. It's a useless piece of crap. At least the Pharma Plus store that I bought it at is going to give me my money...

Bass Pro / Poor customer service


While visiting my daughter over the 4th of July, we went to Bass Pro in Independence, MO. I purchased an aerator to keep fish bait live, cost $9. When I returned home to Florida, I put a fresh battery in the aerator and it would not work; tried another battery same result. Looked on the...

Bass Pro Shop / Rip off


I felt very lucky to get a Bass Pro Shops gift card for Christmas. I ordered a watch. Shipping was approx. $8. When it arrived I quickly discovered that it was not satisfactory. In fact it was a piece of junk with instructions that a rocket scientist couldn't decipher. I sent it back...

Bass Pro Shops concord mills / hunting section


Bass pro shops hunting section at Concord NC. This is a complaint. Yes, you are selling lot of guns. But why do people bring their guns in from home to the store? I saw a guy today who took his pistol in and even though the sales person had to bring it up (i saw him), this guy wanted to...

Bass Pro Memphis TN / Lying salespeople


I called the Memphis store tonight to enquire if they had 2 14 round magazines for my S&W 40VE pistol. I was informed that yes the do. I asked if they had a magazine for my Beretta 21A 22cal auto. Once again yes they do. I drove all the way from West Memphis AR. to find out that No YOU...