Citizens Bank / customer service rep angel cancelled my debit card

Malden, MA, United States

In March 2017 I realized I could not get into the bank with my debit card. The saleswoman told me I needed a chip, so she ordered my debit card with a chip. I never received the card (May 2017). I called customer service today (5/6/2017) to tell them about the situation. I explained, telling Angel that I ordered my same debit card but with a chip and asked if it got sent back or where it would be/if someone could use it. He literally said it does not matter and asks if I want it in normal shipping or expedited. Then he is telling me I will get a new number on my card. I said no, no, no I do not want a new number I was just asking about the card and where it might be. This kid thought I was just ordering a new debit card and canceled my card without asking!! It is Saturday and he is telling me the soonest I can get a card is Tuesday and my card is canceled and he cannot do anything about it. How is it hat the employer messes up and then tells me he cannot do anything to fix his mistake. He did not listen to me, he canceled my card with out my permission and now I do not have a debit card, I cannot access my bank account and all my billing payments need to be changed now. I would have NEVER agreed to change my card number. He did not listen to why I was calling and made his own decision. He ruined my whole week and now I need to change all my bills and I do not have access to my account and I am very upset. Not only that but someone has to sign for this new card and I work so now I have to get it at the bank. Nobody told what happened with the original card that was suppose to be sent to me. Angel is either not properly trained or decided not to listen to me, he made a rash decision and did so with out confirming with me. Instead of ACTUALLY LISTENING TO ME he jumped to conclusions and cancelled my card. I NEVER wanted a new card number and I NEVER wanted to cancel my current card and I thought he was just issuing me the same card with the chip again with my current debit card number. He should have repeated to me what he was doing before he actually did it. Now because he didn't do his job correctly, I have to basically change everything as if my card got stolen. It is not fair and the best they could do for me is send me a new card in 4 days to a bank that hopefully will get it on my lunch break. It is not right and there should be a way to reverse his action. He should repeat his training and learn to listen to customers issues before changing anything, he should have confirmed with me before canceling my card.

May 6, 2017

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