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Jakarta, Indonesia
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My Garuda credit card has not been sent even though it had been approved on 5 May 2017. However, the other 2 cards (rewards and ready credit) already sent and received by my colleague since 9 May 2017. I already complaint about this 5 times, but none of my complaints were taken seriously, until now there is no action from Citibank. They said the card need to be received by myself and cannot be represented (then how come my other 2 card received?) and also that I am not around when the card came. On that day I am on the office full day and I don't receive any notification that a messenger was looking for me. I am very disappointed about this since my cash back program is on the Garuda card and it has a time limit, while I have already fulfill the requirements and eligible to get the cash back.

Jun 16, 2017

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