Circle K / rude service worker 267 and rockville in

Had realized I left my card at home, so left my drinks to go get it. Then when I returned she jumped down my throat saying I made a big mess at the drink station. This was an extremely busy day. But due to my supposed big mess, she yelled for me to get the he'll out, and that I was not to return! I go every morning for coffee, and my mother comes at least two times a day for a poler pop. As I asked to get my drinks so that I could leave.. She said no I was to just #ing leave or she was going to call the police. I will never be coming back to this circle k, speedway just gained a new loyal customer. She is a older women in her mid 50's, has white hair, and is normally there in the mornings. Extremely rude and unkind.

Mar 21, 2017

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