Circle K / refused service

I spend a great deal of money in the circlek at preston hwy and durret lane. I am there at least once daily and purchased all of my gas, drinks, cigarettes, and snacks at this store because it is extremely convenient.
My purse was stolen tonight in an unrelated incedent where my vehicle was broken into, therefore I had no credit/debit card and it was too late to withdrawl cash at the bank. I had plenty of change so I went to buy cigarettes with $4 in quarters and .15 in nickels. Sonya was the customer service rep that waited on me. She asked if I was only using coins and I said yes, all quarters. I was very nice and polite. She then refused to take the money for the product and stated that they did not have a coin counter amd she wasn't going to count a bunch of change. She then made a comment about a birth mark that I have on my neck, calling me a s**t to have marks on my neck.
She embarassed me and insulted me infront of a store full of guests. She refused to allow me to spend money and made me feel attacked fof circumstances beyond my control. I was a daily customer and spent a lot of money there and now I will travel out of my way to make purchases elsewhere. I have never been treated so poorly for absolutely no reason.

Apr 15, 2016

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