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I worked for circle k for 3 months during that time it took everything in me not to quit. Things got really out of hand and I finally decided to call my managers boss. I told him of he issues I had and what was going on in that store. After doing so, things only got worst for me. The mgr. Began to retaliate against me. She change my schedule, she made threats about my job. She actually wrote me up for petty bull. I callled in sick with a mirgraine and she told me her boss said take a pill and come to work. She had no respect for herself or customers or other workers she discriminated against me as I was the only person there of a certain race and others were of the same race. She did not have a problem using profanity with employees and in front of customers. She ma know her job but she is not management material. It is time soomeone investigates this company and there actions since the bosses don't care. Discrimination and retailiation is against the law but the company does not nothing hhas been done at this store and I have quit . I have tried to contact the mage. As well as her boss but can not get them to reply.

Jan 18, 2013
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      Apr 18, 2014

    I agree 100%. Circle K does not care about its employees. They will use you up and spit you out. You have to kiss butt to get anywhere. I had an excellent manager and worked at Circle K for about 4 years. They wanted me to be assistant manager but only offered a .25 an hour raise for all the headaches. It was not worth it for me. I quit and never regretted it. I had one manager who would not answer her phone on the weekend and when she hired young people she would make comments like " I need to bring some clowns in to entertain them." I told her many times that if my relief did not show up on Sat and Sun that I would lock the store and leave. I got robbed and fired one time and was told that the video showed the person had a weapon rolled up in newspaper, but I was fired for not protecting the store's property. I did fight it and won my job back.

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