Circle K / huddle house manager

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My name is Sallie Clark I worked at the huddle house located on old ninety-six Indian trail rd batesburg sc I was supposed to work Sunday Nov 27 from 8am to 2pm I brought it to my managers attention that my vehicle broke down and I didn't own a cell phone at the time on Wednesday afternoon and it was going to be very difficult for myself to find a ride to work, well that following Sunday morning I was waiting on my father to pick me up but he never showed and I did not have a cell phone present at the time, is went in Tuesday morning an hour early at 7am, well just as soon as I walked through the door my manager Sarah W . told me I was fired in front of some customers and I made sure she knew everything that was going on, also complaining about favoritism going on because there's a lot of employees that are a no call no show but she has not fired them for it, I do not appreciate being fired over favoritism and I'm just another person trying to make a living like everyone else but it was most definitely misuse of management authority. Not a very happy employee

Nov 29, 2016

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