Church's Chickenbad service, never have chicken cooked

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I live less than right next door almost to church's chicken. I really used to like this place. The restaurant in round rock tx. Aw grimes 78664. The last 4 times I went there has been a nightmare. They say there is a 8- piece special they never have chicken ready. They tell me to wait 15 min I wait then when I go back there is no chicken. The last 4 times I had to leave there and go to popeyes im really pissed. Everytime u go u always have to wait 15 min to get anything. Never have spicy chicken never. The worst service I have seen at any fast food establishment. Please u are losing so much business, I see people leave because they cant get food including myself.

Dec 23, 2014
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  • Ru
      Dec 23, 2014

    You must be a child. If you were an adult you would know that food takes time to cook. Next time mommy is cooking offer to help and you will see that food does not magically appear on the table.

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  •   Dec 24, 2014

    One of the things that makes Church's chicken so darn good is that they usually cook it up fresh when you order it instead of it sitting drying out under some light. The wait is well worth it (not to mention the specials they run where chicken is little more than half the price of KFC and the pieces are way bigger). You can have your Popeyes. That stuff has so much MSG in it that eating it makes me sicker than a dog.

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