Chowking Pasongtamo Kingswood Branchthe manager/supervisor - ms. annaliza amadin

Kindly give a lesson to the said supervisor which was on duty today 12:30pm because of un ethical manners. Recently I went there to buy take out orders for our lunch. Im on the 3rd line cashier when suddenly the 1st lane cahier call me up to take my orders. Then suddenly the said manager Ms. Annaliza call the assign cashier to off the machine and tell me that it is nit functioning. Then i transfer to the 3rd lane cashier again. After 2 mins someone take charge to the said non functioning machine and call the rest of the line. I told the cashier that i thought that it is not functioning. They take my orders then cancelled and told me to transfer. Then i call the manager but she just keep on listening without saying sorry? Then all of the person on my lane are finished there orders but my orders take for almost 30mins...pls take the necessary and immediate action for this complaint. Thanks and Godbless.

Apr 28, 2017

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