Roman's Pizza Complaints & Reviews

Roman's Pizza / 99 rand specials

Oct 16, 2019

I phoned this morning around 10 am to place my order one the lady she doesn't have phone ethics 2 she said we don't deliver then I said it's fine cancel my order she then said it's fine ill place it I waited for one hour 30 minutes for my order then decide to call .it's when she told me we...

Roman's Pizza / unethical - had scattered pieces of meat on feta pizza

Oct 15, 2019

Roman's PizzaMy family does not eat meat for reasons of compassion.As I chewed on a piece of meat on my pizza I was nauseous .Please understand the seriousness of this, it felt that I partook in the death of a living creature, that like us, not only has similar anatomy of eyes ears nose heart lung...

Roman's Pizza / lasagna

Oct 14, 2019

I ordered the lasagna for the 1st time at Romans pizza (phoenix plaza ) because so many friends told me it was really good when they ordered before so this morning at 11 am i said i will place an order through the app Mr D and when the food arrived i paid and then opened the macon pizza...

Roman's Pizza / tasteless pizza

Oct 10, 2019

I just bought your special one toppings pizza. My mum went to get a menu and came.out with a laminated menu of 1 topping g special. Tgats the menu they gave her. Looks like they pushing for the special to sell. I never had my shoes on so I couldn't go in. My mum said thats the only menu they...

Roman's Pizza / pizza

Oct 06, 2019

Roman's PizzaI ordered the 2 for R99 deal and since its fasting and we can only eat veg, that's what I opted for. Went to the Roman's pizza in Overport. My pizza has chicken on it when I asked for mushrooms. And nowhere on the order does it say chicken. I am very disappointed as no one will be able to...

Roman's Pizza / ordered pizza an hour ago for delivery when they said 20 min.

Oct 04, 2019

I phoned to order pizza when a rude worker awnsered the phone. I ordered pizza and she didnt even repeat the order or give me the total, she put the phone down. After about 45 min I phoned to track the order and the person that awnsered whas as rude as can come, the call quality wa...

Roman's Pizza / burnt pizza

Sep 27, 2019

Good Evening I just ordered romans pizza at bank city johannesburg chicken mayo (bacon) i am very disappointed as everything was burnt the becon was burnt the the base was burnt even the mozzarella did not taste so good i would appreciate it if this matter could be attended to as soon a...

Roman's Pizza / pizza with fly

Sep 27, 2019

Roman's PizzaGood day Mandy I am a absolute lover of Romans Pizza and a big client! I am living in Kuruman and bought 2 large pizzas yesterday 26.09.2019 for Supper. After eating last night there were some pizza left for lunch at work today! I heated up my pizza and started to eat when I came acro...

Roman's Pizza / the 2 large pizza for r99 (fine print one)

Sep 24, 2019

Roman's PizzaWent to Romanz and the advertisement says that you pay R99 for ANY 2 LARGE PIZZAS. Walked in and we ask, then they showed us a paper that is all scruffy just stuck to to the counter with tape that only has toppings to choose from to put on your pizza. On the 2 large pizza sign in very fine...

Roman's Pizza / service

Sep 24, 2019

Roman's PizzaGood day! On the 21 September 2019 Time I went to jubilee mall Romans pizza to buy Pizza I was order number 620, after waiting for my number to be called, I heard them calling order number 619 then I was order number 621 and other orders, I give the guy who was giving out the orders, he...

Roman's Pizza / customer service, racial issue

Sep 21, 2019

I went to the Romans in Panorama, a light complexion African lady served me. While i am still deciding on what to take. I ask her in English if the pizza goes 2x2. My bf tells her we wants something meaty in Sotho and she points out. I ask her that since I was the one initially ordering...

Roman's Pizza / 2 single topping deals for r100

Sep 19, 2019

About 8.30 we came into the phoenix plaza brach and ordered one pineapple and one fetta cheese pizza as we are fasting and so were our visitors ...when we got home and started to serve the visitors we notice it was not pineapple but instead chicken...soon as we noticed we went and took it...

Roman's Pizza / rejected my order

Sep 19, 2019

Roman's PizzaI placed an order with Romans Pizza Glen Marais at 20h48 tonight. Received a sms the my order has been cancelled. I was waiting for a call from the store but no response. I phoned the store abd they said that they cannot process my order as the store is already closed. Why are my order...

Roman's Pizza / service complaint & dissatisfaction of food taste

Sep 05, 2019

On the 24th August 2019 I placed an order at your Plumstead restaurant. I asked the Cashier what the waiting period will be for my order and she advised 10 minutes. My order was placed at 15:44 with Order Number: 79 I waited 10 minutes in the restaurant and then returned to my vehicle to...

Roman's Pizza / barbeque chicken and triple cheese

Sep 04, 2019

Good day. I have a complaint about pizza we bought at your Glengarry store. I bought a barbeque chicken and a triple cheese. The chicken one tasted off. It was awful and the triple cheesewas terrible. Whoever made it put so much tomato paste on that you couldn't taste anything else. The...

Roman's Pizza / chicken and meat lasagne recipe

Aug 12, 2019

We ordered the usual 1 Chicken and 1 meat lasagne expecting the usual franchise lasagne we ate before and enjoyed alot. When we started to eat both of the lasagnes was Indian Curry Chicken and Curry Meat. No where on the menu it is stated that the lasagne is made with Curry. We dont like...

Roman's Pizza / side order of green chilli

Aug 11, 2019

Roman's PizzaWe purchased a Special of 2x Large Pizza's for R129.90 with 2 side order of Garlic & Green Chilli. Got home & opened the chilli just to see it was full of mold .I have not reported this to their branch cos only have data & not driving almost 7 kilometers back.I dont understand why isn't...

Roman's Pizza / staff

Aug 08, 2019

The staff at the Roman's Pizza Potchefstroom are extremely rude. They leave when the customer was about to order, they don't greet or smile at someone. They are not even helpful in guiding the customers to the correct counter to order and get annoyed when the customer is unsure of where to...

Roman's Pizza / poor quality of food

Jul 14, 2019

Roman's PizzaOn the 10 July i placed an order for two large pizza with Romans pizza Mulbarton. I then sent my husband to collect. Firstly the bacon was cut smaller than normal. Pizza was burnt it was difficult to chew it. I then phoned them to complain and explained to the so called manager Sipho who...

Romans pizza lenasia south / Service

Jul 02, 2019

Good Day. On the 02/07/2019 at 18:05 i called in to Romans Pizza Lenasia South. The cashiers names Fatima took my call, it took me almost 5-10 minutes to complete my order as she kept on making a mistake with my cell no. When i arrived to pick up my pizza and pay my card initially declined, i...

Roman's Pizza / Bloemhof branch does not have thick bases

Jul 02, 2019

Good day I order sometimes, not regular, from Romans in Bloemhof and today is the 3rd time in 2 months that they don't have thick bases available. Also they are very skimpy with the toppings comparing to other branches. I spoke to my friends here and they also say that the Bloemhof...

Roman's Pizza / pizza

Jun 30, 2019

I stopped buying your pizza over few years ago due to bad service your staff had until last week when my daughter said she lives it and I should try it, I did and had a great value for my money, yesterday I buy it again expecting the same thin as last week, guess what...I regret ever...

Roman's Pizza / bad service and mis - information by branch staff at the milnerton paddocks

Jun 28, 2019

Good morning With regard to the above mentioned complaint on the 13th of June at the Romans pizza paddocks branch I was highly disgusted at the level at which they run the branch and treat customers.I had called Jacobus Barnard the franchisee immediately after my experience who assured me...

Roman's Pizza / burnt and dried pizza

Mar 20, 2019

Roman's PizzaWe pre ordered 2x new pizza special on 18 March 2019, collected it before 18:00 due to loadshedding that was happening from 18:00 till 20:30 that evening. The pizzas we bought the base was burnt and very hard and toppings were also burnt and dried out. We had no choice but to eat what we...

Roman's Pizza / special one topping pizza

Feb 04, 2019

I have already sent an email to [protected] & have had no response. We got your special one topping pizza at your branch opposite Branbury Cross. We chose mushroom topping and is was almost not edible. I have always bought Romans pizzas as I've thought them the best but...

Roman's Pizza / the customer service

Feb 03, 2019

As a consumer it is our right to get fair and respectable service.At Romans Pizza Phoenix Plaza in Durban although they run a great special however they need to train their staff on how important customer service and respect is.I have been to that outlet more than 3 times and have...

Romans Pizza / product

Jan 31, 2019

Romans PizzaI ordered two large pizza yesterday the 30th of January 2019 one was BBQ CHICKEN SUPREME and one was PERI-PERI CHICKEN (NEW RECIPE) for the amount of R165.00 but since it was my birthday yesterday i got both the pizza for the amount of R132.90. When we got home last night after collecting...

Roman's Pizza / pizza still raw

Dec 24, 2018

Today 24/12/2018 I ordered three small thick base pizzas which were all still raw in the middle. I suppose it was against my better judgement as this was not the first time. Once may be a coincidence but three times now i think not. Relatives of mine also had the same experience more than...

Roman's Pizza / tried calling, and brance closing earlier as advertised

Dec 17, 2018

Today 17 Dec.2018 I tried calling Romans in Zevenwaght mall just to find that they not answering. I decided too go to them, on my arrival I was informed by a very stroppy assistant that Romans is close, mind you me an hour before the time and the phones is out of order. Tell me what kind...

Roman's Pizza / unhappy with pizza

Dec 08, 2018

Roman's PizzaI have never had a problem with Romans pizza i ordered pizza at about 6 and the outcome was not very pleasant they had put way too much paste on the pizzas it really was not nice i am very disappointed it really was not worth my money so how do we resolve this as i am very unhappy and will no longer support Romans if this is going to be the outcome

Romans Pizza Heidelberg Gauteng / call & collect service

Dec 08, 2018

I called and ordered 3 small pizzas and was told to collect after 10 minutes. I went there 12 minutes after but was told it was not ready and waited 15 more minutes, and when I asked the white guy on the front for how long should I wait more, I was asked whether he should cancell my order or not. I had to cancel because I felt that was rude of him.

Roman's Pizza / service and products

Nov 25, 2018

Service A few days ago it was my mother's birthday and I wanted to buy pizza for dinner. On the menu, it states that if it is your birthday, you get 20% off your purchase, so I brought my mother in to order as well. We ordered the special currently going on (one with 2 large +1 ice cream +1...

Roman's Pizza / customer service

Nov 25, 2018

Good day ROMAN'S PIZZA HEAD OFFICE Factual information: Date of incident: Friday 24/11/2017 Order nr: 73 Time: 16:07 Inv. Type Counter nr: [protected] Off Code: 73/Maureen/189.90 It was my husband's birthday on 24/11/2018 and we decided to order the special offered by Roman's Pizza on...

Roman's Pizza / poor service

Nov 20, 2018

On 2018/11/20 at 17:30 Ive placed my order (103) and was told to wait for 15 min.I went back after 15 min i was still waiting another 30 min .The manager came and told me the avos is black, cant i choose something else.Still no pizza whereby Ive tried to contact both the franchise...

Roman's Pizza / the 2 small pizzas for r25

Nov 06, 2018

When I went to the store in lenasia south Roman's pizza I was turned away for special because the owner sold all to a school.i saw only 2 teachers waiting for over 50 pizzas i feel this was very unfair as your rules clearly stipulated first 100 customers and it should be first 100 to come...

Roman's Pizza / poor service

Oct 19, 2018

Roman's PizzaI ordered the pizza special you are currently running i orderd bbq rib and mushroom amd a tangy russian i told the casher kate mathye pan base i waited 30 minutes amd when they showed me the pizza it was thin base the comment i got was eish you sure you ordered right I said yes and all i...

Roman's Pizza / products - hair in food

Oct 18, 2018

Roman's PizzaWe went to Romans Pizza at Okovango Crossing last night to buy the 2 large pizzas for R129.90. Upon arriving home and dishing up, I saw a long black hair intertwined/melted into the cheese of one of the pizza slices. Not wanting to take the kids out of the house again in the evening, I took...

[Resolved] Roman's Pizza / pizza

Sep 08, 2018

Yesterday i bought 3 pizza's from Romans in Mahikeng (the crossing shopping complex) A Small four in one, Large supreme and large peri peri chicken. The amount was around R197. We ate the small pizza in town and it was fine. We got home and our visitors arrived later. I offered everyone a...

Roman's Pizza Phalaborwa / i'm complaining about the bad service I received

Aug 25, 2018

Good morning my name is andries i'm based in phalaborwa and yesterday I went to ur store to buy so I gave the cashier my order and said I want thin base sweetchilly and I waited there for a very long time to get my order and when they call my order only to find out it's not what I ask for...

Roman's Pizza Honeydew / pizza's

Aug 08, 2018

I have been buying Romans Pizza for many years now as I have always rated them the best value for money and the best tasting pizzas. I, for the first time ordered x 4 Pizzas tonight (8/8/18) from Honeydew Romans and I was appalled at the taste. I am very disappointed as not only myself...