Chili's Grill & Bar / waitress and manager

Visited Chili's in Poughkeepsie, NY tonight to eat Dinner . We were seated and waited over 10 minutes for a waiter. We asked a waiter who was our server and he said he would track her down and came back and said he could not find her and took our drink orders . Still time passed-no
Waitress . Asked another waiter if he could help us and at least get us tortillas and salsa while getting our Waitress. She finally came over we told her another appetizer we wanted then our meals . We waited again a long while and we seen her and asked where our appetizer was and she asked what it was we ordered (by now my patience has worn thin) I tell her she looks for it comes back and says "the other waiter forget to put the appetizer in but your food is ready". I said you were the one that took our order, no one else . She left brought out our COLD food and my friends Burger had no Fries (still no refills on drinks) she went to get the fries and brings over our appetizer (is this a joke?) . I ask to speak to a Manager. I explained everything I have wrote here and the only thing he said to us was he would "take care of the appetizer" that's it . He did not speak to the waitress (her name was Jada) nor did he tell her we asked for refills mind you she never came back to the table ! I ask another Waiter to kindly get the Manager again . When he came over I asked if he had spoken to his waitress as she never bothered to come over and he said no he did not . I told him I would never return to that location again and that I would be writing a review and that we needed to go boxes and he could forget the refills . So, in an hour and a half we received no refills, bad service, bad Manager, cold food, forgotten French fries and appetizer . Never again !

Jul 27, 2018

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