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My co workers and I frequent the chili's on 436 by Full sail university. We started calling our order in ahead of time because even though they are not busy when we go at 2pm our food Always takes too long and we do not have enough time to eat without rushing. Today I called in an order for 4 people at 1:57pm, my party arrived at 2:05pm and alerted them, that we called in our order. At 1:30pm we asked to talk to a Manager. The managers name was Brianne, she came out and said she is the one that took our order on the phone and the reason that we didn't have our food was because it sat in the window so long because we were late. I explained that we ordered at 1:57pm and had been there since 2:05 and it was now 2:30 so how did it sit in the window that long when we had been here? She said she didn't know we were there, we explained that we told the person at the front and our waitress that we called our order in ahead of time. She said that she was sorry but that the food wasn't ready because she had pulled the food out of the window since we weren't there and she had to remake it. Even though we were there. So I asked her to please put everything in to go boxes since we no longer had to time to eat our food without rushing again. She said ok, than I asked if she was going to do anything for the inconvenience and she said rudely I can give a free mini dessert if you want... For four people that are paying separate? That is crazy!! Than when our food came out we all took our food out of the one bag she gave us for four separate orders. One persons was wrong and two of us didn't have the condiments we requested so we had to wait again. We asked for the mayo and asked for the manager again for the order being wrong, the order had onions on it and the person was not able to eat onions due to an allergy. When I told her that there was onions on the order she said sorry about that and walked away with a major attitude. Never offered to fix it or replace it or comp it or anything just walked away. Than we had to ask for our mayo again after waiting another 5 minutes. The person with the wrong order took the onions off but still got sick from eating the food that had onions all over it. This was an awful experience! So bad that we will NEVER go to that location again on our lunch break, and we work right next to your location. Not only that, but we were going to order more food to go for others at work and we never did since our food took so long we decided it wasn't worth waiting for and being late again. Considering how slow that location is EVERY TIME we go there there is no reason for this type of service. chilies is one of my favorite restaurants and I am so disappointed that I can longer go there on my lunch break since this location is so poorly run. You should look into a change in management the lady who was there was rude and nasty and has no business being a retail restaurant manager!! I have been a manger and trainer of sales and customer services reps and she would no longer be working for me with her attitude!

Jun 22, 2017

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