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ON 5/8/17 my daughter, son and I stopped to have a drink before my daughter and I got our flight back to PA. We sat at the bar; and as soon as we told the bartender (Kayla) that we were only having a drink, she made a smart comment "Is anyone ordering food today?" We had our first drink; and she totally ignored us, not asking if we wanted another. The bar was not even busy! She walked past us several times and could see that our drinks were empty. I did notice her on her cell phone. I finally had to call her over to ask for another round of drinks.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Jacksonville, FLShe was rude, unprofessional and very unfriendly and acted as though we were bothering her. I have been a waitress and I currently work as a service provider. My feeling is, if you don't like your job, then get out of it! This girl may very well have been having a bad day; but, honestly, my daughter and I were leaving my son, who serves in the Navy; and the last thing we needed was an attitude! I honestly normally do not complain about service, but this was some of the worst ever! Working with the public is not easy; however, she needs to learn to put a smile on her face and pay attention to her customers. Maybe she thought that because we were just having a drink that we were not important enough to check on us.

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    Our bill was over $50 and this bartender could have gotten herself a nice tip. She got something, but not what she could have gotten.

May 09, 2017

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